Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy SALE!

So whenever there is a SALE season I can't stop remembering the consumer behaviour classes. You may wonder why I even blog about this in our happymaking corner but just thought it would qualify since I saw more than 100 happy women who were intensively shopping today.

And it's not like there is a SALE season only once in our life or once a year, but today I realized that women were smiling around and running from shop to shop looking happier than they were during the Christmas shopping time...hmm...maybe cause they were buying presents for themselves now :-)

Anyway to come to my rational and economical point of view: you mainly get two sale seasons per year (although shops reduce prices whenever they like, massive cut offs only happen twice a year) so it would be logical that you shop 2 times a year and stay relaxed for the rest of the time. I know I do (bought 3 nice pairs of boots today :-) for 75Euro all). It's not that I don't like shopping the rest of the year, but I would feel pretty stupid if I bought something knowing that it would cost 50% less in two weeks. I mean it's not like we don't have any clothes or shoes to wear, or? So we could wait until it's SALE time.

Of course there are some exceptions: you wear designer clothes and need to have the last, hip and trendy skirt...don't agree with chicks who live for that but I guess it's better for them to shop than to get drunk each time they would need a new belt:-). And then you need to buy presents... , although if you are a mastermind you can use the sale season to make a federal reserve. And I guess the last exception would be when you really need something: new shoes because of a broken heel or a dress for an unexpected wedding.

So take advantage of the sale season, be rational and buy yourself something nice :-) New clothes always make a girl smile ;-)...happymaking

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