Monday, January 26, 2009

HAPPY Presents

Mum has her 56th Bday this Sunday :-) Bought her many presents and hope she'll love least as much as the fact that I'm flying home this Friday to throw her a nice Raclette party :-)

Unfortunately the pic doesn't show how comfortably my presents lay in my luggage but at least I hope they won't get lost in M√ľnchen...again :-(

You may not have birthdays this weekend but maybe you'll get in the mood and buy something nice to someone dear. Presents make us smile and feel loved. Not that we wouldn't feel like that without them but we must admit that knowing that someone thought about us, spent time choosing something, wrapping it and coming by really feels good :-)

So make a gift! Even a symbolic one! More occasions will follow in the next month but about that I'll write a special entry :-) full with flying hearts...yeah you know what I am talking about :-)
but until then...shh ;-)


anca said...

Happy Birthday for your Mom!

Silvia said...

thank you =)