Monday, January 26, 2009

HAPPY Presents

Mum has her 56th Bday this Sunday :-) Bought her many presents and hope she'll love least as much as the fact that I'm flying home this Friday to throw her a nice Raclette party :-)

Unfortunately the pic doesn't show how comfortably my presents lay in my luggage but at least I hope they won't get lost in M√ľnchen...again :-(

You may not have birthdays this weekend but maybe you'll get in the mood and buy something nice to someone dear. Presents make us smile and feel loved. Not that we wouldn't feel like that without them but we must admit that knowing that someone thought about us, spent time choosing something, wrapping it and coming by really feels good :-)

So make a gift! Even a symbolic one! More occasions will follow in the next month but about that I'll write a special entry :-) full with flying hearts...yeah you know what I am talking about :-)
but until then...shh ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

HSI: Happy Scene Investigation

I am sure everybody on this planet is familiar with the Crime Scene Investigation CSI Series: CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas (my favorite :-)), CSI Miami...hope I am not missing any. In case you are not familiar with CSI then you must find out that the story is pretty simple: one or two crimes take place (depending on the complexity of the case) and then the CSI team starts investigating the murders. They use super high fancy high tech equipment, are also great psychologists and what's unusual for cops also super fit and can run and fight with any criminal...not like the policemen I know, but again they are CSI.

That reminds me that when my laptop got stolen I was really convinced the cops will find the thief...but after spreading some powder all over the room and telling me there were no fingerprints they said it was almost impossible to trace him as "the perpetrator was unknown".Really ????:-)

Anyway, what's with CSI on the happymaking blog? the way this is post number 51 :-)
I was thinking that it would be really nice if they made a HSI series: Happy Scene Investigation. A nice team of...maybe not cops...but also not psychologists or comedians...maybe Jimmy Kimmel and the Take That boys:-) ...would study the stages people go through from sadness to happiness, what makes them happy, how they can be made happy and so on.

And don't think about it as Oprah's show, no no no. It has to be ultimately FUN full of love and optimism :-) Would be something or? Instead of all the crimes we see all day long: at the news, special reports, series and movies..we could promote good people and good thoughts and happiness. I would give it a chance :-)

Meanwhile the detective in me must check CSI NY:-) Sorry but I get pretty lonely in Hannover without detective Bonasera.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily #Happymaking Tips on Twitter

Ok so starting last week I decided to put a #happymaking tip in twitter.... EVERYDAY :-)
How can u see it?

Very simple: you can follow me in twitter (SilviaEmilia) and track all my entries who contain #happymaking. The nice thing is that you can also post happymaking tips in your twitter and if you mark it like above (with #) we can all find them afterwards :-) cool ha?

Also you can add your tweets to your Facebook status. Don't know why people think it's complicated to do it but if you scroll through Facebook's Applications you'll find the one allowing you to import status messages from your twitter account :-)

Et voila, spreading happiness everywhere ;-) !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happiness Is An Emergent Property Of Social Networks

The dear Andy Piper was kind enough today to let me know Stowe Boyd posted something on happiness on his blog :-). Stowe was twigged by the NY Times to some research on happiness and the results are pretty cool.

So I couldn't miss the opportunity to present you some pieces of it: SOCIAL NETWORKS AND HAPPINESS By By Nicholas A. Christakis & James Fowler

We studied 4,739 people followed from 1983 to 2003 as part of the famous Framingham Heart Study. These individuals were embedded in a larger network of 12,067 people; they had an average of 11 connections to others in the social network (including to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors); and their happiness was assessed every few years using a standard measure.

We found that social networks have clusters of happy and unhappy people within them that reach out to three degrees of separation. A person's happiness is related to the happiness of their friends, their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends—that is, to people well beyond their social horizon. We found that happy people tend to be located in the center of their social networks and to be located in large clusters of other happy people. And we found that each additional happy friend increases a person's probability of being happy by about 9%. For comparison, having an extra $5,000 in income (in 1984 dollars) increased the probability of being happy by about 2%.

Happiness, in short, is not merely a function of personal experience, but also is a property of groups. Emotions are a collective phenomenon.

The authors did some research on Facebook that showed that smiling faces in Facebook are closely connected to others with smiling faces, and so on. The people central to the network -- they studied 1700 college students -- smiled much more in their photos than people at the periphery. Their conclusion?

Moreover, people who do not smile seem to be located more peripherally in the network. In fact, statistical analysis of the network shows that people who smile tend to have more friends (smiling gets you an average of one extra friend, which is pretty good considering that people only have about six close friends). Not only that, but the statistical analyses confirm that those who smile are measurably more central to the network compared to those who do not smile. That is, if you smile, you are less likely to be on the periphery of the online world.

It thus seems to be the case, online as well as offline, that when you smile, the world smiles with you.

Now I really must agree with Stowe that people wanting to be more central to social networks might moderate their behavior to at least appear to be happy even when they may not be. But that's not bad (except if we know they do and are reluctant to believing them): if we think that they are happy our feelings may change also :-)

And one more thing. I started to give daily tips on #happymaking. Follow my twitter :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy SALE!

So whenever there is a SALE season I can't stop remembering the consumer behaviour classes. You may wonder why I even blog about this in our happymaking corner but just thought it would qualify since I saw more than 100 happy women who were intensively shopping today.

And it's not like there is a SALE season only once in our life or once a year, but today I realized that women were smiling around and running from shop to shop looking happier than they were during the Christmas shopping time...hmm...maybe cause they were buying presents for themselves now :-)

Anyway to come to my rational and economical point of view: you mainly get two sale seasons per year (although shops reduce prices whenever they like, massive cut offs only happen twice a year) so it would be logical that you shop 2 times a year and stay relaxed for the rest of the time. I know I do (bought 3 nice pairs of boots today :-) for 75Euro all). It's not that I don't like shopping the rest of the year, but I would feel pretty stupid if I bought something knowing that it would cost 50% less in two weeks. I mean it's not like we don't have any clothes or shoes to wear, or? So we could wait until it's SALE time.

Of course there are some exceptions: you wear designer clothes and need to have the last, hip and trendy skirt...don't agree with chicks who live for that but I guess it's better for them to shop than to get drunk each time they would need a new belt:-). And then you need to buy presents... , although if you are a mastermind you can use the sale season to make a federal reserve. And I guess the last exception would be when you really need something: new shoes because of a broken heel or a dress for an unexpected wedding.

So take advantage of the sale season, be rational and buy yourself something nice :-) New clothes always make a girl smile ;-)...happymaking

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Tweets

Got this before Christmas but somehow I forgot to add it to the happymaking blog :-)
So here it is: HAPPY TWEETS. For those who use twitter or will start using it on this occasion, happytweets is measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is. Enter the Twitter username for you or one of your buddies, click the "get happy" button, and you'll find out how happy your Tweets are.

How does it work?There's some cool stuff going on under the sheets that looks at what you say and how you say it, and you get a score that way.

my result for SilviaEmilia: ridiculously happy :-)

So give it a try and see how happy your tweets are? If not too happy then read more of my blog and put a smile on your face each time you start feeding the TWITTER!

Feel free to connect with me via Twitter! As I like to call it "Just in Time Blogging :-)"..well microblogging :-)