Thursday, December 18, 2008

HAPPY Christmas & New Year!!!!

Because the last post was a long one this one will be short and happy:-) I am also packing my bags now and tomorrow night I'll be home hopefully...if Lufthansa won't be in the mood for tricks!
So wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas, enjoy spending time with your families, be good and wise, make gifts and people happy, light up a candle and ask Santa for a nice present :-) And have a lovely, fabulous, happy and exciting 2009!
See you all in January;-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feedback on Happymaking

Some people ask me why there are only few comments on the happymaking blog. I would say because that's far from being the purpose of the blog, and second because feedback comes in different ways (email, facebook, twitter, etc). You can argue with that but if the point is to encourage others to make people happy, I doubt that they will say it loudly or make statements like "I gave 50E to an orphans house" or "just spent 3 hours with X to make her happy"...first of all X may not like it and I don't think people like to breach their intimacy like that...and we don't want to look like some selfish looking for fame individuals.

So I am pleased if people read, get inspired and act. Of course it makes me happy finding out what they did and how they succeed in being happymakers. And in order to promote that inside IBM I made a nice merit badge called "HAPPY IBMer". To get that people were supposed to read the blog and do something to make others happy :-) Then they could add it to their internal blogs, social network profile, signature so that everyone could see how happy they were :-)

And here was plenty of feedback as everyone was sending proofs on how they earned the badge :-) Some examples for those who don't trust happymaking, of course anonymous for you :-) :
  • I am happy most of the time and try to give this to others. But sometimes, when I'm down, I get that back. That really makes me happy. ;-)
  • One of my co-workers was really down, so I went over to find out why. All I really had to do was listen. It's pretty easy to make someone else happy: make them feel important.
  • Went to the website and shared my happiness with the crew!!
  • I try to make people happy every day! I believe happiness is a choice that we can choose every day. I try to share that attitude with all of my colleagues every day.
  • I spend as much of my day as possible making people happy with a smile and a joke. I believe it's our duty as IBM'ers to create a happy environment for us all to work in.
  • Visited Silvia's Happymaking blog. Love it. Earlier today I posted the first five lines of this as a Hive5 on beehive. May you be happy May you be peaceful May you be free from harm, from pain and physical suffering May you be healthy May you live at ease with a calm and compassionate heart May you accept yourself just as you are A wise and happy person shared this with me years ago, and now I share with you. Be Happy!
  • I gave warm chocolate chip cookies to a coworker who was feeling glum
  • Went to the Website. Spread the "happyness" to my coworkers by asking them to visit it.
  • I sent a team member a bag of her favorite chocolates.
  • I'm very happy everyday and I work very hard for it. I try to make other people happy too!
  • A smile does not cost anything and is priceless on a rainy day in November.
  • I visited the Happymaking blog2..and it worked! it put a smile on my face this morning! My job is about ultimately making IBMers more happy...(and of course more productive)..which makes me happy too.
  • Just read a few entries in your blog. Yep - that is funny reading, and after voting the fun level I noticed that I have not been alone. Thank you for that.
  • One of the mottos I love by is "Make someone happy each day, even if it is yourself." For my team, every Friday I look for a good joke to send them to make them laugh. Only when someone pinged me late in the day one week when I'd forgotten did I realise that they enjoy it.
  • I think one of the best ways to make people happy is to always treat them the way you would want to be treated. Reaching out to others in their time of need and just "being there" for them is important. I have some family members & friends who are going through difficult times/challenges. I do what I can to help cheer them and keep them moving forward. It makes me feel good to help them out.
  • I find my team lead always tensed due to project critical situations and her personal conditions, I always try to cheer-up with my Jokes, cheerfulness. :)
  • I visited the Happymaking blog. I always want my co-workers and customers to be happy and do what I can to make that happen. And darn it, this badge makes me happy!
  • I met a young woman out of University at the mall who was job searching. She ask me what and where to purchase a suit for interviews. I made some recommendations and we continued to talk about cities to search and I suggested she look at the whole quality of life, don't base a decision on where to live only on the job. I talk to her about life balance and work as one aspect in the big picture of happiness. She was happy I took the time to talk with her and sent me a thank you the next day.
  • Feel happy most of the time since I work from home and get to see more of my kids now. Listening to others and offering suggestions is important in my position. Makes myself and other happy.
  • I went to Happymaking Blog and had a laugh - I then showed my wife so she could have a laugh as well...
  • and more

Friday, December 12, 2008

Playing for a Happy Change

I am sure many of you have seen this nice version of Stand By Me on youtube. Then it kept coming through twitter and facebook so I decided to check what is it all about.

Just visited the and I must say it's pretty impressive what these people try to do and what they have already achieved. The foundation is dedicated to connecting the world through music by providing all the necessary resources to musicians and their communities around the world.

You can see all their projects, concerts they organize, how you can get involved and of course a link to how you can donate. They also have a blog on wordpress but was down today, no idea why.

Hope you'll have the curiosity to check what is it about, if not as philanthropist maybe as musician, parent of future pop stars, friend of musicians who know musicians in poor communities and last but not least as human :-)

PS> to be counted as part of my Christmas happymaking innitiative :-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lessons in being happy proposed

And another report announced :-) on the future generation of HAPPYMAKERS & HAPPYMAKEES. Many thanks to Andy Piper for that :-)

So what's in? Primary school pupils in England should be taught how to lead happy and healthy lives as part of a curriculum overhaul, says a government-commissioned report.The report also says individual subjects should be replaced by six themed "areas of learning"(this could also include using the internet for research, word-processing work and making podcasts.)

The report by former senior Ofsted inspector Sir Jim Rose suggests lessons should be more focused on preparing children for life outside school. His interim report, to be officially published later, says teaching children about emotional well-being and social skills should be a compulsory part of the curriculum.

It says that pupils should have the "personal, social and emotional qualities essential to their health, well-being and life as a responsible citizen in the 21st Century".

Look forward for the full report and the babies learning how to spell POD-CATS? POD- CAST :-)

New Study on Contagious Happiness

Yes, they just released the results of a new study! And I am writing about it especially as it connects to social media and being part of various social networks :-)
You can find the complete study here!

Some excerpts:

New research from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego suggests that happiness is influenced not only by the people you know, but by the people they know.The study showed that happiness spreads through social networks, sort of like a virus, meaning that your happiness could influence the happiness of someone you've never even met. Sadness spreads too, but much less efficiently, says study co-author James H. Fowler, PhD, of the University of California-San Diego.

"We have known for a long time that there is a direct relationship between one person's happiness and another's," Fowler tells WebMD."But this study shows that indirect relationships also affect happiness. We found a statistical relationship not just between your happiness and your friends' happiness, but between your happiness and your friends' friends' friends' happiness."

Happy Friends Make You Happy

They concluded that the happiness of an immediate social contact increased an individual's chances of becoming happy by 15%, Fowler says. The happiness of a second-degree contact, such as the spouse of a friend, increases the likeliness of becoming happy by 10%, and the happiness of a third-degree contact -- or the friend of a friend of a friend -- increases the likelihood of becoming happy by 6%. Having more friends also increased happiness, but having friends who were happy was a much bigger influence on happiness.

Fowler says the findings do not mean you should avoid unhappy people, but that you should make an effort whenever you can to spread happiness."We need to think of happiness as a collective phenomenon," he says. "If I come home in a bad mood, I may be missing an opportunity to make not just my wife and son happy, but their friends."


could say "told u!" :-) :-) :-) so keep happymaking and have a nice week!