Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Happy Season Begins

First snow in Hannover yesterday (picture from my terrace). A lovely evening! I guess it was even more beautiful as we live in the old city so it was pretty romantic to see the snow falling on the old houses...maybe the hot Glühwein (wine with cinnamon, blueberries & honey) also helped ;-)

As I love Christmas time very very much I already feel pretty happy and I know many of you feel like that also, especially as we are more open, warm, peaceful, generous, friendly and gentle during this time. We'll all try to find the perfect gifts, hope to have a nice time with our families, to find them well when we go home, to see their happy faces when they'll open the gifts, to sing Christmas carols and eat mum's goodies :-)

Well there are still some weeks until Christmas so in between think about the fact that there are still people in need around you who you may want to help, even wanted to do it but never had time. So try planning HOW to bring some happiness for them also. It may be a cliche that people think about charity only around Christmas but I tend to believe that we think MORE about it at this time because we are happier now than during the year. So we do feel that it is even more unfair that others won't have a Christmas dinner, won't get any gifts or even spend the nights on the streets. That's why we try to be more generous at this time. So before buying another toy for your kid, that may land in a corner after one day, just buy a nice blanket and give it to a poor person. I loved it to share things as a kid, so I am sure your kid will feel like that also.

Pretty many thoughts related to happymaking and winter time. Anyway I suppose more posts will come...all related to Christmas, happiness, family, giving and nice and warm feelings :-)

For my friends in Bucharest: don't forget to pay a visit to the orphans in Valea Plopului:-)