Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Lights

I'm in Berlin these days for the Web 2.0 Conference and couldn't miss the lovely colors lighting the famous buildings at night. Everything changes with these lights. It's absolutely beautiful, especially I wasn't really ranking Berlin as the most beautiful Germany city :-) Now I have to rethink this....

So if you have a way through Berlin these days than just take a walk between 7pm-12am. Starting from the Berliner Dom all the way through Unter den Linden. The Festival of Lights is lasting until the 26th of October so if you are around it would be very sad to miss it.

And don't think that there are only few places cause they have illuminated around 50 sightseeing objectives!!!! And because it's so lovely, romantic, colorful, cheering, interesting and delighting I had to put it in the HAPPYMAKING area :-) They really made my evenings here happier;-)

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