Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting my readers

As you can see from my previous posts I was in Berlin last week highly enjoying my team meeting and having fun seeing old friends and getting to know new people (no connection to that but as a quiz: WHO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN BERLIN?...answers as comments are highly welcomed).

So among the new people I met there were two colleagues who actually read my blog :-)), to quote them "that blog on happiness". The first readers I meet in person (except friends, colleagues working in my area etc). And the nicest things were the 2 conclusions we all had:
1. They were like "and I thought: look at her happy life and how mine is passing by". So after seeing that I AM HUMAN (and I do get mad when I end up all wet while trying to go to work and it rains cats and dogs in Hannover) and have my happy moments under 100% of my time they were pretty pleased and motivated to fell better and try to make others feel better also.
2. While motivating why I blog on happiness and NOT social media, global delivery, stocks, branding and other stuff that I like and hopefully I also am good at (though I do some of that internally with my 3 blogs)- we seemed to agree that there are so many good blogs written by specialists that include all the possible things we could come up instead of copying and spreading tones of information I prefer to add some links in the right bar and let you do the search (looking for info makes me feel better...detective Sil :-))).

So yes let's stick to happiness for now.

That was it, pretty exciting and lovely. Many new friends, great food, nice streets and bars, interesting people, impressive museums and lots of you can see

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Lights

I'm in Berlin these days for the Web 2.0 Conference and couldn't miss the lovely colors lighting the famous buildings at night. Everything changes with these lights. It's absolutely beautiful, especially I wasn't really ranking Berlin as the most beautiful Germany city :-) Now I have to rethink this....

So if you have a way through Berlin these days than just take a walk between 7pm-12am. Starting from the Berliner Dom all the way through Unter den Linden. The Festival of Lights is lasting until the 26th of October so if you are around it would be very sad to miss it.

And don't think that there are only few places cause they have illuminated around 50 sightseeing objectives!!!! And because it's so lovely, romantic, colorful, cheering, interesting and delighting I had to put it in the HAPPYMAKING area :-) They really made my evenings here happier;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your house is a happymakee also

So I am not going to ask you to clean your house now, don't worry :-) I thought many people fell their house look very unhappy and sort of dislike spending time at home, because it looks so unfriendly to them.

Now we all know that a place is what we make out of it and stands for the people who actually live there and give life to any place. But if you are alone and feel like your place looks cold, sad and not fun there are some things you could try:

1. bring color: in paintings, carpets, plates,etc
2. buy a plant: big or small, with lots or flowers or just leaves, it will bring some life into your place
3. bring nice smells: candles (also good as decoration) or fresh flowers
4. don't keep it dark, unless it's night :-). People feel better when exposed to natural light.
5. and last but not least throw away things you don't like, bring back sad memories or you feel like they could be replaced in the next period, don't hesitate :-)

That was it: not expensive, not time consuming and not involving any cleaning action:-)

PS: I guess my plant is already too dry :-((....keep forgetting that it needs water:-(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anticipating happiness

Do we over evaluate happiness? Do we exaggerate in being happy about the future moments when we´ll consider that we´ll be happy? And if so then why? And would this be a bad thing?

Happiness is what we make of it, it´s true. They also say it doesn´t last forever. So as a normal reaction we try to make it last longer: anticipate it, plan it, emphasize it, enjoy it, share it with others, talk about it after its peak is long gone, remember it and the anticipating another happy moment again.

We live by pursuing happiness, bringing it to life and helping it grow, nursing it when it tends to disappear, teaching it how to be more mature. Just like a child happiness gets born and lives in us. So we can consider that it is our responsibility to raise it well. Do we also educate it? Do we teach happiness to make us happy? And if so what do we tell it?

I tell it that I need it, I tell it that it should grow up faster or slow down, that it shouldn't´t go (now I do sound like my mum so happiness must definitely be a child :-)). And then I wait for it to come and visit me just like an old father waiting for his son to come back home. So as an old father I make calls and write letters, plan the visit and cook a warm soup. It´s all there, our anticipation, our willingness to be happy.

I anticipate my boyfriend´s visit, my mum coming in December, me eating something sweet on Sunday, wearing my new boots and the Christmas Market...I anticipate being home for Christmas, making them all happy, sharing gifts, coming back and then going to another place...the spring...the sea in the summer...a cup of hot chocolate in September...a long planned happy life. And even things may not turn out the way we plan, we still plan them, think about new things that could make us happy and finally being happy.

This should be it :-) You´re counting the things that should make you happy in the next month, don´t you?