Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still hungry? Have a happy book!

No, it's not a post about food :-) at least not this time. It's a post about books and how reading can make one forget about the world, forget about bad things, feel free and happy in his or hers own universe. I know parents told us that all the time during our childhood, but guess what, they are right....and even more, books not only allow us to create our own universe, but by recommending a book to someone else, we are part of something bigger: creating someone else's unique world!

It's true, it may not last forever but if the book leaves a strong impression on the person to whom we recommended it, then it's worth trying! It can be a book we love, a book we don't really like but know somebody else who has more in common with our friend loved it, a big book for some weeks or something short to read while sitting in the subway in the evening, a funny book to make us jump and laugh, or a sad and deep one to teach us how to appreciate things with pictures or lots of very very old or still spreading the smell of fresh ink.

I love books, always did, always will! And this time I managed to fill my luggage with them (and Lufthansa even managed not to loose it :-)). Such a great feeling to know that I am escaping with such a lovely treasure, that I'll read my favorite writers in the future evenings...and even try some new ones ;-) I may recommend you some soon, but these ones are in Romanian :-) so maybe next time.

So my point today: share your favorite books! Talk about them! U may not know what others will understand after reading them and how they will appreciate your "not given" advice. Just let your friends borrow a book from your library :-) Be the Paper Happymaker!

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