Monday, September 29, 2008

Cultural Festival in Second Life

Ready for some mass happymaking?

Then join me on October 10th at IBM ALMADEN Island in Second Life (location SURL: Together with some colleagues we have prepared a Cultural Festival on Eastern Europe: a Romanian house, beer from Czech Republic, Russian Vodka, artifacts from the country side, music and maybe some kitties :-)

We'll be there 9-6pm CET and expect most visitors around 2pm. Many thanks to Mihail Barbuta who did and does a great job building the objects. Two thumbs up for him!

If you are new to Second Life the make sure you create an avatar in time and pass the tutorial! If not let me know when you log into the world and I'll teleport you :-) The event is open so it will be a chance for you to see what IBM does in the virtual worlds and how we understand COLLABORATION! And...HAVE FUN :-)

My avatar's name is Anthi Arida and you'll recognize my pink polka dress and lovely shoes I bought today ;-)

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