Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you happy when others are?

Confronted with a sad situation when I discovered again that someone who I thought it was a dear friend has proven to be ....won't say the opposite, but way too far from a "real friend", I decided that there are still some basic skills one must master in order to be a good happymaker. And is not a skill for the moments when you are supposed to make someone happy, is about when your someone (not necessary a happymakee) is already smiling and "sharing kisses" around.

I'm talking about being happy when someone else is, sharing his/hers joy, felicitating him/her when the case, complimenting him/her if the situation would require it, anyway in no case doing the opposite and ruin the entire happiness and optimism that man or woman may have felt. And I am not talking about feeling jealous although this may be the main source of that, but if you see that someone is really enthusiastic about something, why would kill his joy?

Why would you tell to a totally in love person that there is no true love? Or to someone who is in a very happy relationship that there is no love that will last forever? Or to a person trying to loose weight that she's gonna get fat again in no time? Or to someone who's being promoted that he only got the promotion because it was to expensive to hire someone externally?

I mean if you do that to a happy person, how are you supposed to call yourself a happymaker? After all 1. you can not possibly know that you are right and 2. even if you are is not like you sit in a board meeting and not telling the truth may lead to 1000 people loosing their jobs...

So if you feel like you did something like this or still have the tendency to do that whenever a friend confesses you his happy feelings, think twice. After all there is no change if you make one happy and 3 sad :-(

Nightly night!