Monday, September 29, 2008

Cultural Festival in Second Life

Ready for some mass happymaking?

Then join me on October 10th at IBM ALMADEN Island in Second Life (location SURL: Together with some colleagues we have prepared a Cultural Festival on Eastern Europe: a Romanian house, beer from Czech Republic, Russian Vodka, artifacts from the country side, music and maybe some kitties :-)

We'll be there 9-6pm CET and expect most visitors around 2pm. Many thanks to Mihail Barbuta who did and does a great job building the objects. Two thumbs up for him!

If you are new to Second Life the make sure you create an avatar in time and pass the tutorial! If not let me know when you log into the world and I'll teleport you :-) The event is open so it will be a chance for you to see what IBM does in the virtual worlds and how we understand COLLABORATION! And...HAVE FUN :-)

My avatar's name is Anthi Arida and you'll recognize my pink polka dress and lovely shoes I bought today ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you happy when others are?

Confronted with a sad situation when I discovered again that someone who I thought it was a dear friend has proven to be ....won't say the opposite, but way too far from a "real friend", I decided that there are still some basic skills one must master in order to be a good happymaker. And is not a skill for the moments when you are supposed to make someone happy, is about when your someone (not necessary a happymakee) is already smiling and "sharing kisses" around.

I'm talking about being happy when someone else is, sharing his/hers joy, felicitating him/her when the case, complimenting him/her if the situation would require it, anyway in no case doing the opposite and ruin the entire happiness and optimism that man or woman may have felt. And I am not talking about feeling jealous although this may be the main source of that, but if you see that someone is really enthusiastic about something, why would kill his joy?

Why would you tell to a totally in love person that there is no true love? Or to someone who is in a very happy relationship that there is no love that will last forever? Or to a person trying to loose weight that she's gonna get fat again in no time? Or to someone who's being promoted that he only got the promotion because it was to expensive to hire someone externally?

I mean if you do that to a happy person, how are you supposed to call yourself a happymaker? After all 1. you can not possibly know that you are right and 2. even if you are is not like you sit in a board meeting and not telling the truth may lead to 1000 people loosing their jobs...

So if you feel like you did something like this or still have the tendency to do that whenever a friend confesses you his happy feelings, think twice. After all there is no change if you make one happy and 3 sad :-(

Nightly night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Videos

How many times didn't you plan to make a short video to amuse your friends? To impress your parents, make a joke, present a project in a cool way, revive a boring PowerPoint presentation or watch your pictures in a more interesting environment. And every time either the technical skills were missing, or the time, or the inspiration :-(

But now I got to know animoto and that made me so happy and love how easy it works...even rendering the video only takes 2 start by choosing the pictures and then you get to choose a background music, even adding special effects or running a remix it's possible. how cool can that be ?! :-)
So here is my first video using animoto...just a sample with some pics I had (took me 3min).

More to come :-) You may be in one also...hi hi hi

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still hungry? Have a happy book!

No, it's not a post about food :-) at least not this time. It's a post about books and how reading can make one forget about the world, forget about bad things, feel free and happy in his or hers own universe. I know parents told us that all the time during our childhood, but guess what, they are right....and even more, books not only allow us to create our own universe, but by recommending a book to someone else, we are part of something bigger: creating someone else's unique world!

It's true, it may not last forever but if the book leaves a strong impression on the person to whom we recommended it, then it's worth trying! It can be a book we love, a book we don't really like but know somebody else who has more in common with our friend loved it, a big book for some weeks or something short to read while sitting in the subway in the evening, a funny book to make us jump and laugh, or a sad and deep one to teach us how to appreciate things with pictures or lots of very very old or still spreading the smell of fresh ink.

I love books, always did, always will! And this time I managed to fill my luggage with them (and Lufthansa even managed not to loose it :-)). Such a great feeling to know that I am escaping with such a lovely treasure, that I'll read my favorite writers in the future evenings...and even try some new ones ;-) I may recommend you some soon, but these ones are in Romanian :-) so maybe next time.

So my point today: share your favorite books! Talk about them! U may not know what others will understand after reading them and how they will appreciate your "not given" advice. Just let your friends borrow a book from your library :-) Be the Paper Happymaker!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hawaiian Happy Cakes

And YES, there are HAPPY CAKES. What a great news for happymakers and happymakees!!! And where could such cakes possibly come from if not from the beautiful HAWAII? I was so thrilled to see that happy cakes actually exist as I planned to post about happy ice cream and couldn't find find a real one.

The happy cakes are Hawaii's oldest and tastiest cakes, as they are being promoted. The Hawaiian Happy Cake's story is an important part of Oahu culinary culture. Founder Dick Rodby grew up surrounded by Central Oahu's pineapple plantations where his family established an eatery near the Schofield Barracks en route to the North Shore. The restaurant at Kemoo Farm became legendary over the years for its great food and local Hawaiian entertainment, and was even depicted in the 1953 film "From Here to Eternity".

In 1967 Dick served the first Happy Cake to his customers and soon calls to Kemoo Farm were coming in from all over the country for Happy Cake...and the demand for that taste of Hawaii has been going strong ever since.

President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were fans of the Happy Cake and would enjoy them with friends at the White House. Over the years we have had the pleasure of taking cake orders from Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Jack Lord, Frank Sinatra and a host of others.

Nowadays you can find it in UK, US, Japan or even in Iraq:

On the eve of celebrating its fortieth birthday, the Happy Cake continues to respect Dick Rodby's tradition of using only the finest fresh local ingredients.

As the locals here in Hawaii say "Still 'Ono' after so long!" (ono = delicious).

Planning to order one? Send one to Hannover also :-) I'll let you know if it made it safely.
Till soon, I'll keep looking for happy food :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And sometimes happymaking hurts also

It's sort of a sad day for my happymaking theory as I got to discover that although I try to make somebody happy and had the feeling that I was even succeeding, I was dealing with a strange person who actually didn't care about my actions, or my thoughts, or about my time invested in making her happy.

I know we must try making others happy by no conditions, no wish for a later "Thank you" or even not even being noticed that we were the ones who made it possible. But yet as human it really hurts when we notice the contrary. Let's not take a love relationship as example cause we suppose in this kind of a relationship there is a both-ways happymaking. But think about you helping a friend and then getting hurt by him....or a colleague at work...who didn't experience that? Moments when you swore you'll never do any good to somebody again. And that's even harder when you had as goal to make somebody really happy. Then the entire action seems to be a complete waste of time and energy.

So if you don't have this immunity when it comes to getting your feelings hurt, then you should probably learn how to deal with this kind of situations. As it also happens to me and I still stand up and try happymaking others again and again (maybe not with the same person if I am too upset), here are some thoughts on how to deal with this "failure":
  • admit it was not your fault and that trying to make others happy it's still a noble act and shouldn't be discontinued just because somebody disappointed you
  • if you could really help the person who hurt you, then try talking about this one more time. After all the result can be more important than how you got to it.
  • if one is bad then it doesn't mean that all people are so. there are still friends, colleagues, family or even strangers out there who really need a smile and your attention
  • and last, try considering this less fortunate situation as a test of your capacity to learn more about people and not to give up on them
And now, smile and go to work ;-) !