Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Happy Fan

I really enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel's show.
Unfortunately it doesn't run in Romania yet...or in Germany so all I get are his youtube videos...which are sooooo cool. Must say it started with Sarah and Matt Damon, then he and Ben Affleck, Miss US....well there are more that I like but these are my favorite (won't add any link here so that you run a search for them :-)). Guess the coolest part is that he actually has only celebs at his shows.

Once I posted a status in Facebook on me liking this and my mentor from work, Chris, told me Jimmy Kimmel's dad works with us cool can this be :-)??!!! So although I didn't trust him on this I wrote an email to this "dad" thinking it won't be the lamest thing I did in my far and asking if he really is his dad and if so then he should be really proud cause he is the funnyest guy in TV at this least for me.

And surprise the dad wrote back...happy and surprised that we watch this from Romania and writing about his very talented family...cause his other son and his daughter are in the entertainment industry also. Yes and he told me to write him if I want a photo with an autograpf from Jimmy....which I soooo wanted.

Two weeks ago Jimmy's assitant wrote me cause she had some questions related to my address and today I finally got the picture...YEYYYYYY!

So here are the precious moments:
1. me geeting the envelope, 2. the envelope, 3. the picture with the autograph :-)

PS: next must be Robbie Williams :-)

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