Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now I know that you know that I like MANGA...well not the sketches to be precise but the animated cartoons...for those eager to punish me with some corrections :-)
They are a source of continuous/ effervescent/ innocent and unique fun. Started even to learn Japanese for the sake of them, although the Japanese culture became my no1 reason for doing that.

Unfortunately the progress is sort of ...not existing :-) ... as I can only say domo arigato gozaimasu.....biru...regginsu...and some other things :-) Don't tease me with Kanji cause I just can't :-( so if you plan to leave me a comment stick to romanji :-)

To come back to Manga, my favorite are always about teenagers, schools, that happy time in our life. To make a short list with what I would recommend:
  • Fruit Basket
  • Myself Yourself
  • School Rumble
For those of you who care knowing my favorite character is HARIMA Kenji.

And now we come to the point of this post, the new avatar creator, which allows you to make a cool manga of yourself: FACEYOURMANGA.COM
Now of course I tried my best with Harima and not with myself and as I have curly hair, though he could have it too :-)

So here he is ...before and after my remake!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Words- Wordle

Thought I could try the cool wordle today with my own happymaking blog...don't know about you but I get to see this all the time..with CVs, hobbies, food, etc. So here it is:

Just give it a try! It's fun and you can tell a story about yourself in a very different way:-)

Happy Children

Finally in English!

Some of you know of my dear social project with the 220 orphans in VALEA PLOPULUI, Romania. The long expected English version of the web site is finally ON: You can find all the details there: bank account for donation, details about what Prister Tanase has accomplished so far, photos with the kids, how to get there, a.0.

Many thanks for being so patient and waiting for me to finish it (thanks to Waewae&Bog for that :-)).

Again, if you need to contact them by phone do let me know as they can't speak English!

Thanks to those who helped us making them happier and sent money, visited them or sent clothes and food! I suppose that's the real happymaking :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My I happy now :-)

Now that's what a friend from US sent me :

I didn't know I was so popular there :-)
Just kidding! But a great prank to play to your friends...not directly related to happymaking but made me very happy today.

And here is how you can do it. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Measuring the happiness of a nation

A few days ago I got this link from a friend who found a great calculation method in wikipedia. The method relates to my happymaking theory as imagine one could measure the happiness of a country: then we could say if you plan to be happy go to country X, people in Z are not that happy so be increasing the variable V then you could increase their happiness by 77.7%. Now you could say that you agree with that, but we still can't define generally valid criterion for making one happy.

You could say a poor country is a sad country....or that a huge GDP involves plenty of happy people running around and singing in the streets. Well not exactly. Take Germans for example (coming from Eastern Europe we always show sort of an admiration for this country and most of our people would still emigrate here): Germans complain all day long - about prices, low salaries, bad food, traffic jams and so on. Now despite the fact that most of them know that it is indeed worse in other countries maybe just a few hundred miles away, they don't seem to appreciate what they have. So definitely not a happy nation. Take Greeks on the other hand, not a high GDP but lovely people dancing, singing and having fun even they don't know what they will eat next week (maybe too extreme but still true in some cases).

So back to the methods in wiki. They admit the HDI (Human Development Index) is not the correct formula as it is like HDI = 1/3 (life expectancy index) + 1/3 (education index) + 1/3 (GDP index). So a rich lawyer in UK should never commit suicide :-) Totally wrong. Just dive in the mortuary page of a local newspaper.

Then the HLE (Happy Life Expectancy) is presented, by Veenhoven. Now he talks about more societal factors added to those influencing HDI and a longer period for measurement. But can we predict one country's happiness? He exemplifies that Iceland has a happier population then Bulgaria. Unless the people have been asked I don't buy this. You can measure whatever you want but not happiness. It's like agreeing that each individual in one country could be made happy in the same way....and that's not even possible in the same family, where members have more than location, cultural background or eating habits in common(would be interesting if they measured how religion interferes with happiness...I bet they missed that).

So of course I don't have a great end of this story. No magic formula will pop up now to tell you "that's the good one for measuring happiness. So just measure it, pack your bags and go to Brazil. And you'll be 30% happier after finding a house, 50% after getting hired and having some money and 80% after the first 2 years"

Again, just build your own happiness and make it survive no matter where you are!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Happy Fan

I really enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel's show.
Unfortunately it doesn't run in Romania yet...or in Germany so all I get are his youtube videos...which are sooooo cool. Must say it started with Sarah and Matt Damon, then he and Ben Affleck, Miss US....well there are more that I like but these are my favorite (won't add any link here so that you run a search for them :-)). Guess the coolest part is that he actually has only celebs at his shows.

Once I posted a status in Facebook on me liking this and my mentor from work, Chris, told me Jimmy Kimmel's dad works with us cool can this be :-)??!!! So although I didn't trust him on this I wrote an email to this "dad" thinking it won't be the lamest thing I did in my far and asking if he really is his dad and if so then he should be really proud cause he is the funnyest guy in TV at this least for me.

And surprise the dad wrote back...happy and surprised that we watch this from Romania and writing about his very talented family...cause his other son and his daughter are in the entertainment industry also. Yes and he told me to write him if I want a photo with an autograpf from Jimmy....which I soooo wanted.

Two weeks ago Jimmy's assitant wrote me cause she had some questions related to my address and today I finally got the picture...YEYYYYYY!

So here are the precious moments:
1. me geeting the envelope, 2. the envelope, 3. the picture with the autograph :-)

PS: next must be Robbie Williams :-)