Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why does a Happymakee get happy?

I have identified 3 reasons why a happymakee actually gets to be happier:
1. he WANTS to be happier
2. there is ANOTHER person (Happymaker) who's goal is to make him happy. so knowing that he's part of such an experiment makes him feel honored and spoiled :-)
3. he has a HAPPYMAKER at his "disposal" who is there ONLY for him and does HIS BEST to make him happy (this doesn't mean that you have to become a slave for him :-)...unless he's your boss...kidding)

All these assuming that we are dealing with a normal happymakee like we have defined in an earlier post and we don't have a subject who enjoys his misery and never wants to get out of it:-)

If you still fail on making him happy then read the words in bold. you'll realize your happymakee actually wants to have another happymaker and doesn't like you :-)...funny, funny

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Anonymous said...

you shouldn't become discouraged even if you fail to make him happy. If he wants another happymaker you should try to convince him that you are the best happymaker for him.