Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What makes women happy? - COOKING :-)

Yesterday I bake bread for the first time...not because it's difficult but because I don't eat bread (don't make me explain why). And since finding bread without salt in it seems to be an impossible mission in Germany, I thought I should help my father providing him with some "FOOD solution"... cause he'll be here for about 7 weeks and finds it hard to imagine he won't eat any bread ;-)

So we bought the ingredients, played with flower, watched out lovely bread growing, placed it in the oven and were very proud about the lovely result: 6 small breads...smelling divine :-) We have even decided to open the windows to let the tasty aroma run free in the neighborhood. And next time we'll definitely going to add some seeds or herbs...still 6 bread sessions to much fun :-)

Now I enjoy cooking a lot, watch cooking shows, have favorite chefs and imagine what goodies I could prepare during the weekends (cause this bad employee status prevents me from doing it in the evenings ^..^) . It gives you chance to be creative, research for recipes, learn new things about ingredients, mixing them ... side-effects :-)....timing and of course involves some physical effort also (you should have seen me with the bread).

So start with something simple, enjoy the result of your work and practice it. You can even save some money cause you won't need to visit the restaurant across the street every evening:-)

Of course the fun doubles when you cook with/for somebody else. But if you are alone and can't find a person to cook for I can provide you with some ideas for challenging recipes :-)

Here is a picture with our Eastern steak :-) ...still raw. It seems too late to take a photo of my breads.
Bubi, please excuse me for disappointing you and not using the S word :-)