Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend? A call for family happymaking

Tomorrow is Saturday. The day we all consider as the most expected day of the week (except for some people who I don't know why already dream about coming back to work on Monday...maybe they have no food at home and miss the cafeteria :-)).

Now, no, I won't fly home for the weekend although I would if I could :-) but I have my father visiting me and since during the week I am not too much of entertainment for him I plan to make up for it this weekend. So in case you want to take my example and do some "family happymaking" here are some activities:
- a nice, long, healthy breakfast
- shopping for groceries..... can't wait to buy some pineapple tomorrow :-)
- checking the flee market
- cooking still in progress
- some relaxing activities...maybe even taking a nap (as daddy gets tired pretty fast :-(()
- a walk in the park...or in the dark forest of Hannover :-)
- choosing and watching a nice movie...although daddy doesn't understand German and they always play very lame movies on Saturday...So still considering the alternatives, maybe there is some concert downtown.... meaning on my street :-))

Please accept my apologies if that's not too exciting for you but if you would know me then you'll know that's how I usually spend my time: family, sports, things around the house, some creative activity (no piano, no paintings here though) and trips. Anyway perfect for a dad-daughter day :-)

So if you don't have any great plans or just started to miss your family by reading this then try catching up with them. After all parents are the one who love us most and deserve our best attention. Sounds old fashioned but it's true so go make them happy:-)

Greetings to your mums from my side ;-)

**preaching how to make someone happy