Friday, July 4, 2008

My Happy Second Life

I don't live a second life as a serial murder and I'm also no LOST star as I am wishing sometimes (sitting all day long on the beach and solving masteries with John Locke-by the way waiting for season 5 :-)). This is a post related to my positive experience with virtual worlds starting with Active Worlds and Second Life.

Now I'm not going to explain to you how virtual worlds work and who actually gets the Linden dollars you may invest in fancy dresses for your avatars (animated YOU= Avatar). It's enough to go to their home page, download the application and test it. Once you finish the tutorial you can even have you need somebody to teleport you :-)

So I started with Second Life for some reasons:
-first of all as an ex high-school gamer I was intrigued and willing to "play" something (yes, Lara Croft rules :-)))))
- as Economist I was pretty interested to see why does everybody buy land there and how do companies promote themselves in virtual worlds
- third, I had some events at work and once discovering the islands we had I was fascinated about what my company actually does there. Great ever, if I may say :-)....I may :-)

After actually getting there I made friends from work who do that all the time. They even get paid for this...cause we have like people who run live shows (Boris In Worderland) in SL, or events managers for SL, developers, hostesses, etc etc etc. And then there are peers having fun during lunches or boring meetings in many kind of people all going there for different reasons (recruiting events, Wimblendon, team events, customer visits, etc), at different times...well mostly US time.

Now despite that IT'S NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING it's pretty cool to sit at your desk in a rainy day (like the most days here in Germany) and eat an ice cream (rainbow rocket is my favorite) on a lovely Island in SL while attending a meeting with managers dressed as crazy scientists, Gothic dolls or raccoons. Less formal , less stressful and MORE FUN. And of course you can actually get to hang around with colleagues from all over the world who will physically meet you for a coffee in like ...10000 years :-)

So I suggest you to work your social skills in other worlds also...don't ask you to drop your life here and move there but to experiment SL. See if you'll have fun with it. Check its features and try finding your friends. And maybe someday you'll have a brilliant idea involving SL and get promoted for it :-)

See you there, Silvia= Anthi Arida.
(Here I am playing some African drums at my assignees community-ASCOM party).

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