Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music can make you happy....or not :-)

Yes, music can make one happy. Scientifically proven by doctors and musicians....except when it comes for animals :-) - they say there is no proof yet that dogs or birds sing when they are happy or feel loved...they may just do that cause they want to. Now I feel cheated by my ex birdie :-(

So what exactly does make us sad when it comes about music? In my case it would be some hard rock or any kind of music played at 3am in the restaurant under my apartment :-) But there seems to be more...

And now I am proud to present the new musical enemy in our life...and no, it's not the volume some teenagers enjoy listening music to in the tram...it is a GERMAN finding :-) der OHRWORM.

So the bad ear worm is not a worm climbing into your ear in the night :-) but a very evil song that sticks into our memory and keeps "itching" our brain, as the scientist nicely explain in the above mentioned article. It
typically has a high, upbeat melody and repetitive lyrics that verge between catchy and annoying. Sounds familiar? Like Macarena song or...god there are so so so many.... even the "Titanic" song - which doesn't have an upbeat melody...but still annoying:-)

So scientist have studied this...there are also lists in place with most encountered ear worms :-) although no 1 is represented by "OTHERS" as it seems that despite the fact that many people admit that certain songs are very annoying we do tend to get upset on particular melodies...especially if we start disliking the singer and his or hers Umbrella...ella...ella...ella :-)

Now as for almost all "diseases" there is a cure for this, otherwise some people would earn significantly less: so US doctors prescribe their beloved Prozac :-), others advise you to get another ear worm to kill the current one and keep doing this until you pass away :-)

So my dear happy readers be aware of your passion for music so that the evil worm doesn't get you :-)


Leslie said...

You know the saying, "There's no accounting for taste." What's uplifing music to one set of ears is a dirge (or worse) to another.

Silvia said...

true :-) I have always had this hunch that not only producers wish there would be more earworms :-)

bogdan said...

well said