Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Merit Badge for being happy

Just launched a merit badge for the colleagues who consider themselves recognition worthy :-). So as a rule they must find a peer and make him/her happy. Not very hard or?

After getting this merit badge they can add it to our internal social network profile (sort of a internal facebook), to out internal blogs, signature, etc. So it's a pretty cool sign showing that you are HAPPY and try making others happy.

And of course they had to read this blog...otherwise how would they know what a HAPPYMAKEE is ? :-)

MY POINT: there are always enough people you can make happy! Even at work...Didn't think that they are human? Thought so :-) So do try :-)

here is the badge: you=big happy smiley & your happymakees= small cute smileys


Anonymous said...

Happiness can be contagious :). Try to be happy yourself and the other will soon follow.

Silvia said...