Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Inspired by the fact that I'll be 25 years old starting this Saturday :-) :-) :-), I was thinking it would be nice to share some thoughts on our BIRTHDAYS.

So many of my friends don't like celebrating their birthday, and it's not because they don't like celebrating various stuff like getting a raise, eating sushi for the first time or their puppy's first pooh outside the house, but it's just because this time they have to celebrate THEIR BIRTHDAY....what an awful thing: the day when you were born, when you met your mama for the first time, when all your family and friends call to see how you are doing (some of them even send gifts :-) ), when some people even try to throw a surprise party for you or try to make you have the best day ever...they even do the ultimate sacrifice and SING for you to wish you happy bday.....now how could you not appreciate this?

but yet some get angry, keep their bdays secret and what's even more sad, they cry when realizing another year is gone (that only applies to my girlfriends...didn't see any boys crying for this until now) and I could go on like this forever.

Now I on the other side I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY...2nd of August, nicest day in the year....I feel like it's that day of the year made only for ME (although I would gladly share it with people born at the same date :-) ). And in order to make this day a happy one for more of my friends or colleagues we even had a huge calender at work marking all bdays...so nobody could "escape" :-).

So before giving you my address to ship some gifts...lol...please allow me to sincerely congratulate some Augusteers :-)
- MO (Dana :-)) my classmate from highshool -1st of August
- Chris (my Mentor) - 3rd of August

generously sharing a slice of Bogdan's cake for his birthday :-)

**learning how to make someone happy

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Christopher Sciacca said...

Yes, it's my birthday. I will certainly have some Sacre Tort cake here in Vienna to celebrate. Can't wait to see the Jimmy Kimmel photo.