Thursday, July 31, 2008

Achieving your childhood dreams

I guess being happy often involves achieving your dreams. And the harder to achieve a dream the greater the joy and satisfaction when seeing it happen. I know from a few sources about this video so I decided to actually spend around 60 minutes and watch it. It worths every minute, every second :-)


The sad part is that Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, had terminal cancer and was fortunate enough to share his learnings in this final lecture, that we get to watch. Sadly he recently passed on at 47.

He talked about the challenges through his career “some brick walls are made of flesh” and his journey to lead forth virtual reality, educating others, and achieving his childhood dreams, a master storyteller.

So think for a moment if you did have any dreams, big dreams, small dreams, great ideas. Did you manage to achieve them? If not, why not? What did you learn from this? I personally learned that the point is not NOT to settle big dreams so that you won't get disappointed as most people say...FALSE. Have huge dreams! Wish to achieve what nobody else did! But don't exaggerate with HOW you do that....after all you don't have to go to Tokio to eat exquisite sushi, don't have to marry a model to have the most beautiful wife in the world or to be best paid people in the world to be appreciated by your colleagues. It's all up to you :-)


Old Geezer said...

Hey there...
Yea, I found about Randy's speech a few months ago... while he was still among us, but didn't manage to listen to all of it. Perhaps now is the right time. But you know, for example, at some point of my childhood, I wanted to become archaeologist. Right now, it doesn't sound that appealing anymore.. should I do it, nonetheless? :P

Silvia said...

well I did want to be a treasure hunter (impressed by Indiana Jones and ultimately by Lara Croft):-) So I fulfill that by finding some unknown parts of cities when visiting them...also discovering dark secrets in their history :-) It it very interesting :-) But I still hope to manage and get to Egypt once. Don't know why nobody goes to Queens' Valley ;-)