Thursday, July 31, 2008

Achieving your childhood dreams

I guess being happy often involves achieving your dreams. And the harder to achieve a dream the greater the joy and satisfaction when seeing it happen. I know from a few sources about this video so I decided to actually spend around 60 minutes and watch it. It worths every minute, every second :-)


The sad part is that Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, had terminal cancer and was fortunate enough to share his learnings in this final lecture, that we get to watch. Sadly he recently passed on at 47.

He talked about the challenges through his career “some brick walls are made of flesh” and his journey to lead forth virtual reality, educating others, and achieving his childhood dreams, a master storyteller.

So think for a moment if you did have any dreams, big dreams, small dreams, great ideas. Did you manage to achieve them? If not, why not? What did you learn from this? I personally learned that the point is not NOT to settle big dreams so that you won't get disappointed as most people say...FALSE. Have huge dreams! Wish to achieve what nobody else did! But don't exaggerate with HOW you do that....after all you don't have to go to Tokio to eat exquisite sushi, don't have to marry a model to have the most beautiful wife in the world or to be best paid people in the world to be appreciated by your colleagues. It's all up to you :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Inspired by the fact that I'll be 25 years old starting this Saturday :-) :-) :-), I was thinking it would be nice to share some thoughts on our BIRTHDAYS.

So many of my friends don't like celebrating their birthday, and it's not because they don't like celebrating various stuff like getting a raise, eating sushi for the first time or their puppy's first pooh outside the house, but it's just because this time they have to celebrate THEIR BIRTHDAY....what an awful thing: the day when you were born, when you met your mama for the first time, when all your family and friends call to see how you are doing (some of them even send gifts :-) ), when some people even try to throw a surprise party for you or try to make you have the best day ever...they even do the ultimate sacrifice and SING for you to wish you happy how could you not appreciate this?

but yet some get angry, keep their bdays secret and what's even more sad, they cry when realizing another year is gone (that only applies to my girlfriends...didn't see any boys crying for this until now) and I could go on like this forever.

Now I on the other side I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY...2nd of August, nicest day in the year....I feel like it's that day of the year made only for ME (although I would gladly share it with people born at the same date :-) ). And in order to make this day a happy one for more of my friends or colleagues we even had a huge calender at work marking all nobody could "escape" :-).

So before giving you my address to ship some allow me to sincerely congratulate some Augusteers :-)
- MO (Dana :-)) my classmate from highshool -1st of August
- Chris (my Mentor) - 3rd of August

generously sharing a slice of Bogdan's cake for his birthday :-)

**learning how to make someone happy

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend? A call for family happymaking

Tomorrow is Saturday. The day we all consider as the most expected day of the week (except for some people who I don't know why already dream about coming back to work on Monday...maybe they have no food at home and miss the cafeteria :-)).

Now, no, I won't fly home for the weekend although I would if I could :-) but I have my father visiting me and since during the week I am not too much of entertainment for him I plan to make up for it this weekend. So in case you want to take my example and do some "family happymaking" here are some activities:
- a nice, long, healthy breakfast
- shopping for groceries..... can't wait to buy some pineapple tomorrow :-)
- checking the flee market
- cooking still in progress
- some relaxing activities...maybe even taking a nap (as daddy gets tired pretty fast :-(()
- a walk in the park...or in the dark forest of Hannover :-)
- choosing and watching a nice movie...although daddy doesn't understand German and they always play very lame movies on Saturday...So still considering the alternatives, maybe there is some concert downtown.... meaning on my street :-))

Please accept my apologies if that's not too exciting for you but if you would know me then you'll know that's how I usually spend my time: family, sports, things around the house, some creative activity (no piano, no paintings here though) and trips. Anyway perfect for a dad-daughter day :-)

So if you don't have any great plans or just started to miss your family by reading this then try catching up with them. After all parents are the one who love us most and deserve our best attention. Sounds old fashioned but it's true so go make them happy:-)

Greetings to your mums from my side ;-)

**preaching how to make someone happy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music can make you happy....or not :-)

Yes, music can make one happy. Scientifically proven by doctors and musicians....except when it comes for animals :-) - they say there is no proof yet that dogs or birds sing when they are happy or feel loved...they may just do that cause they want to. Now I feel cheated by my ex birdie :-(

So what exactly does make us sad when it comes about music? In my case it would be some hard rock or any kind of music played at 3am in the restaurant under my apartment :-) But there seems to be more...

And now I am proud to present the new musical enemy in our life...and no, it's not the volume some teenagers enjoy listening music to in the is a GERMAN finding :-) der OHRWORM.

So the bad ear worm is not a worm climbing into your ear in the night :-) but a very evil song that sticks into our memory and keeps "itching" our brain, as the scientist nicely explain in the above mentioned article. It
typically has a high, upbeat melody and repetitive lyrics that verge between catchy and annoying. Sounds familiar? Like Macarena song or...god there are so so so many.... even the "Titanic" song - which doesn't have an upbeat melody...but still annoying:-)

So scientist have studied this...there are also lists in place with most encountered ear worms :-) although no 1 is represented by "OTHERS" as it seems that despite the fact that many people admit that certain songs are very annoying we do tend to get upset on particular melodies...especially if we start disliking the singer and his or hers Umbrella...ella...ella...ella :-)

Now as for almost all "diseases" there is a cure for this, otherwise some people would earn significantly less: so US doctors prescribe their beloved Prozac :-), others advise you to get another ear worm to kill the current one and keep doing this until you pass away :-)

So my dear happy readers be aware of your passion for music so that the evil worm doesn't get you :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why does a Happymakee get happy?

I have identified 3 reasons why a happymakee actually gets to be happier:
1. he WANTS to be happier
2. there is ANOTHER person (Happymaker) who's goal is to make him happy. so knowing that he's part of such an experiment makes him feel honored and spoiled :-)
3. he has a HAPPYMAKER at his "disposal" who is there ONLY for him and does HIS BEST to make him happy (this doesn't mean that you have to become a slave for him :-)...unless he's your boss...kidding)

All these assuming that we are dealing with a normal happymakee like we have defined in an earlier post and we don't have a subject who enjoys his misery and never wants to get out of it:-)

If you still fail on making him happy then read the words in bold. you'll realize your happymakee actually wants to have another happymaker and doesn't like you :-)...funny, funny

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Merit Badge for being happy

Just launched a merit badge for the colleagues who consider themselves recognition worthy :-). So as a rule they must find a peer and make him/her happy. Not very hard or?

After getting this merit badge they can add it to our internal social network profile (sort of a internal facebook), to out internal blogs, signature, etc. So it's a pretty cool sign showing that you are HAPPY and try making others happy.

And of course they had to read this blog...otherwise how would they know what a HAPPYMAKEE is ? :-)

MY POINT: there are always enough people you can make happy! Even at work...Didn't think that they are human? Thought so :-) So do try :-)

here is the badge: you=big happy smiley & your happymakees= small cute smileys

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Happy Second Life

I don't live a second life as a serial murder and I'm also no LOST star as I am wishing sometimes (sitting all day long on the beach and solving masteries with John Locke-by the way waiting for season 5 :-)). This is a post related to my positive experience with virtual worlds starting with Active Worlds and Second Life.

Now I'm not going to explain to you how virtual worlds work and who actually gets the Linden dollars you may invest in fancy dresses for your avatars (animated YOU= Avatar). It's enough to go to their home page, download the application and test it. Once you finish the tutorial you can even have you need somebody to teleport you :-)

So I started with Second Life for some reasons:
-first of all as an ex high-school gamer I was intrigued and willing to "play" something (yes, Lara Croft rules :-)))))
- as Economist I was pretty interested to see why does everybody buy land there and how do companies promote themselves in virtual worlds
- third, I had some events at work and once discovering the islands we had I was fascinated about what my company actually does there. Great ever, if I may say :-)....I may :-)

After actually getting there I made friends from work who do that all the time. They even get paid for this...cause we have like people who run live shows (Boris In Worderland) in SL, or events managers for SL, developers, hostesses, etc etc etc. And then there are peers having fun during lunches or boring meetings in many kind of people all going there for different reasons (recruiting events, Wimblendon, team events, customer visits, etc), at different times...well mostly US time.

Now despite that IT'S NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING it's pretty cool to sit at your desk in a rainy day (like the most days here in Germany) and eat an ice cream (rainbow rocket is my favorite) on a lovely Island in SL while attending a meeting with managers dressed as crazy scientists, Gothic dolls or raccoons. Less formal , less stressful and MORE FUN. And of course you can actually get to hang around with colleagues from all over the world who will physically meet you for a coffee in like ...10000 years :-)

So I suggest you to work your social skills in other worlds also...don't ask you to drop your life here and move there but to experiment SL. See if you'll have fun with it. Check its features and try finding your friends. And maybe someday you'll have a brilliant idea involving SL and get promoted for it :-)

See you there, Silvia= Anthi Arida.
(Here I am playing some African drums at my assignees community-ASCOM party).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What makes women happy? - COOKING :-)

Yesterday I bake bread for the first time...not because it's difficult but because I don't eat bread (don't make me explain why). And since finding bread without salt in it seems to be an impossible mission in Germany, I thought I should help my father providing him with some "FOOD solution"... cause he'll be here for about 7 weeks and finds it hard to imagine he won't eat any bread ;-)

So we bought the ingredients, played with flower, watched out lovely bread growing, placed it in the oven and were very proud about the lovely result: 6 small breads...smelling divine :-) We have even decided to open the windows to let the tasty aroma run free in the neighborhood. And next time we'll definitely going to add some seeds or herbs...still 6 bread sessions to much fun :-)

Now I enjoy cooking a lot, watch cooking shows, have favorite chefs and imagine what goodies I could prepare during the weekends (cause this bad employee status prevents me from doing it in the evenings ^..^) . It gives you chance to be creative, research for recipes, learn new things about ingredients, mixing them ... side-effects :-)....timing and of course involves some physical effort also (you should have seen me with the bread).

So start with something simple, enjoy the result of your work and practice it. You can even save some money cause you won't need to visit the restaurant across the street every evening:-)

Of course the fun doubles when you cook with/for somebody else. But if you are alone and can't find a person to cook for I can provide you with some ideas for challenging recipes :-)

Here is a picture with our Eastern steak :-) ...still raw. It seems too late to take a photo of my breads.
Bubi, please excuse me for disappointing you and not using the S word :-)