Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Games- Team Games

With EM news everywhere couldn't prevent myself from posting something on this :-) ..and it's not football. It's about team games. Seeing supporters celebrating and getting drunk every night under my window (advantages of having restaurants and bars in the neighborhood :-) )may be the reason why I consider this a happymaking worthy topic.

But to start with the beginning:
- I went to swimming pool - very nice, very fast but not a very fun thing
- tried to go for a run although I suck at running...never could, never will...but now and then I speed up for 100m and consider it done :-) (made it through high school without having to run the 800m by playing basketball with the boys ) . Again no fun...a good feeling, relaxing, but no fun.
- and gym is no fun at all...just if you see other chicks doing here is the fun :-)...but yet if alone I only feel proud on doing my best to stay healthy.

So I realized that I really miss playing in the school yard or around the blocks. Like I did until I went to college :-( Even if the boys played with me cause I had a ball or were just missing a team member it always felt good....very good. And you also get the chance to put more effort in it by playing for more than 45 minutes (max amount of time I spend with any sport when I'm alone). And they don't even need to be your friends or people you know...cause this would really increase the fun (except when my boyfriend made a window collapse over my head :-)---sorry B this will hunt you forever :-)). So assuming you have no friends around, like in the case of my lovely exile, where is one supposed to find a team to play with? Company's club is excluded- only people over 50 years of age are in this location :-) Guess I'll try at the in progress :-)

Now I'm no longer sure you see the point of this entry...cause it may be obvious that the more the better and the funnier case you're not feeling like this but notice your results with jogging by yourself don't involve loosing any weight or keeping you fit then you may want to switch to a "funnier" game :-) .

And GOOOO Portugal! couldn't miss the opportunity of saying that...although Brazil will always be my NO 1....sadly they are not EM participants :-)