Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Mother

and yet not me :-) . I am currently flying my family to Germany, one at a it was my mother's turn...for the last three weeks. And she is very very very happy :-) Didn't expect such success on this family happymaking as she doesn't speak German and I was afraid she'll get bored in less than one week. But no, she is enjoying this city as much as I am, especially checking each street, store, grocery, park and coffee shop. She loves them all....and exploring the Altstadt is her favorite day time job.

I would mention here seven things she liked most (except being with me of course):
  • visiting Hamburg especially the harbor and the Alster
  • visiting Bremen - we stayed 2 hours in Schnoor :-) and going to Starbucks for the first time
  • going to the Zoo (Germany's most beautiful I think),
  • having cocktails during the Caribbean nights at Celone (a nice place across the street-they organize this each Thursday) and attending the salsa & merengue lessons they organized,
  • drinking Smoothie Champagne (champagne+ smoothie :-) clever explanation)
  • eating Leberk√§se & Spargel - as she loves meat :-)
  • and of course shopping ...on me :-)
I'm not sure what you'll learn from this....maybe to spoil your parents now and then, involve them more in your life and cherish each moment while you still have them around.
Anyway looking forward to having my father here :-)

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