Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy location, happy people, happymaking

Since I moved to Germany I am considerably happier, more relaxed and enjoying even the mornings when I have to go to work:-). I noticed it's because of the beautiful location I am living, in the heart of Hannover - Altstadt. Seeing these beautiful buildings and people laughing and playing music in the small cafes makes me smile back, go upstairs and open the windows so that I can hear them more and more until late in the night. Far away from the stressed people running like crazy to catch a tram, looking through you when they meet you or discussing alone about work related issues...that's the place where I live nowadays... happy Italians discovering German beer, French people arguing about prices and romantic couples walking hand in hand.

Wouldn't you be happy to see this when you walk away from home? To meet these people late in the evening when you come back from work? And just put a shirt on and join them?

Now that's something that would make each one happy....happy building, happy surroundings, happy people, happymaking :-)

PS: rent costs more but after all it's not me who is paying for it :-)


marius said...

I agree, I agree... at least while we are not paying for it :-D

Suna bine la tine acolo :-). Vreau si eu. Si imi place cand le poti avea pe toate (liniste si aglomeratie) cat mai aproape. La mine e doar liniste... ca la tara. :-)

Silvia said...

hi hi :-) asked you to visit me but busy jane :-)

Alex said...

Happy locations are always a pleasure to spend time in. I have also been there and I find it happy as well.

Silvia said...

alex please come back :-)))))