Friday, April 25, 2008


Told you I moved to Germany and there way I landed here it was not a single case. There are plenty of co-workers who are now located worldwide and although media calls them EXPATS or ASSIGNEES, I prefer to call them "lonely hearts" (even if they are accompanied) :-).
So because we have so many "lonely hearts" in our company and cause some of them keep asking various administrative questions or want to connect with other assignees who may be living in the same city with them we've created the assignees community - ASCOM....brilliant name don't you think? lol

This way I try to entertain them all with infos about living in various countries, how to deal with their medical insurance, let them know who is located where, etc. All these through wiki, blog and of course emails. We are also planning some Second Life parties- the only way for us to hang around with colleagues from China, India, US or France at the same time.

So the point was of course happymaking related (I will let you know the results - till now they are all excited) and a chance for you to get an idea of what you could also do inside of your own company.

At the end we all have employees spread around the globe who need to know we care for them. So do make them happy!


Ela said...

Nice idea to have a community! Did you manage to become a group and organize nice events? would be happy to know more. Ela

Silvia said...

Yeap :-) can't say externally how many we are but we are plenty....first party in Second Life will be on the 12th of June, 11am CET :-) grill party.