Friday, March 7, 2008

Defining Off-shoring Process

Now I moved to Germany so I am facing the following dilemma: if I am here and my friends remained in Romania, should Happymaking be defined as an off shoring process? Cause I can only have sessions with them from for them I would be a resource no longer available in the country...but on the German "shore".

Now, if off shoring brings some financial advantages such as cutting some costs and risk mitigation then what are my colleagues getting?

I would say presents... once in a while...based on accurate wish lists (until now only one is accurate- Pufa, the others please confirm :-)))) , then a more intense happymaking session, outside of the office, allowing the colleagues to have access to alcohol and other forbidden items such as candies, chocolate and fat (office happymaking allows only fruits and vegetables), hugs...hugs are hugs no happiness :-)...and a long goodbye sms.

While off shore spending your free time on Yahoo Messenger and Skype represents a real asset.
Use plenty emoticons, make jokes, make them feel part of your life by sharing nice pictures of your home, pet, market, pet again and again pet..... and of course give some good advices if not to sleepy, sad or hungry.

So if we cover both the home country and work country "happymaking-load" we should reach an average of 80% HOI (Happy Off-shoring Interest) that can compensate recession days when you are on medical leave or in vacation.

Hope it helps!

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