Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happymaking for those in need - 200 orphans

I post in the last 2 months. Just moved to Germany. Anyway I have some new material for you so here we go. First of all I would like to present you a social project we have in Romania. There are around 200 orphans, hosted and raised by Father Tanase, in a village called VALEA PLOPULUI (around 150 km away from Bucharest). They could use some happymaking also. So these children (from one year to 14 years old) live there, go to school in the village and now and then some people visit them in order to bring them food, toys, clothing, etc. We went there a few times, played with them, brought them things for Eastern, books for school, dressed myself in Santa (not the most brilliant idea as you can see in the photo). I hope we can convince more of our friends and colleagues to do that this year.

I am adding here a fresh web site
I hope I can manage to translate it into English in the next days but you can still see the CONTACT and find out how to get there, BANK Accounts or nice pictures with the children.
Also YOUTUBE movies to the project are uploaded there and they are in English.

So let me know if you are willing to join me in helping these kids (, need more details or plan to make a trip there.