Thursday, December 18, 2008

HAPPY Christmas & New Year!!!!

Because the last post was a long one this one will be short and happy:-) I am also packing my bags now and tomorrow night I'll be home hopefully...if Lufthansa won't be in the mood for tricks!
So wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas, enjoy spending time with your families, be good and wise, make gifts and people happy, light up a candle and ask Santa for a nice present :-) And have a lovely, fabulous, happy and exciting 2009!
See you all in January;-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feedback on Happymaking

Some people ask me why there are only few comments on the happymaking blog. I would say because that's far from being the purpose of the blog, and second because feedback comes in different ways (email, facebook, twitter, etc). You can argue with that but if the point is to encourage others to make people happy, I doubt that they will say it loudly or make statements like "I gave 50E to an orphans house" or "just spent 3 hours with X to make her happy"...first of all X may not like it and I don't think people like to breach their intimacy like that...and we don't want to look like some selfish looking for fame individuals.

So I am pleased if people read, get inspired and act. Of course it makes me happy finding out what they did and how they succeed in being happymakers. And in order to promote that inside IBM I made a nice merit badge called "HAPPY IBMer". To get that people were supposed to read the blog and do something to make others happy :-) Then they could add it to their internal blogs, social network profile, signature so that everyone could see how happy they were :-)

And here was plenty of feedback as everyone was sending proofs on how they earned the badge :-) Some examples for those who don't trust happymaking, of course anonymous for you :-) :
  • I am happy most of the time and try to give this to others. But sometimes, when I'm down, I get that back. That really makes me happy. ;-)
  • One of my co-workers was really down, so I went over to find out why. All I really had to do was listen. It's pretty easy to make someone else happy: make them feel important.
  • Went to the website and shared my happiness with the crew!!
  • I try to make people happy every day! I believe happiness is a choice that we can choose every day. I try to share that attitude with all of my colleagues every day.
  • I spend as much of my day as possible making people happy with a smile and a joke. I believe it's our duty as IBM'ers to create a happy environment for us all to work in.
  • Visited Silvia's Happymaking blog. Love it. Earlier today I posted the first five lines of this as a Hive5 on beehive. May you be happy May you be peaceful May you be free from harm, from pain and physical suffering May you be healthy May you live at ease with a calm and compassionate heart May you accept yourself just as you are A wise and happy person shared this with me years ago, and now I share with you. Be Happy!
  • I gave warm chocolate chip cookies to a coworker who was feeling glum
  • Went to the Website. Spread the "happyness" to my coworkers by asking them to visit it.
  • I sent a team member a bag of her favorite chocolates.
  • I'm very happy everyday and I work very hard for it. I try to make other people happy too!
  • A smile does not cost anything and is priceless on a rainy day in November.
  • I visited the Happymaking blog2..and it worked! it put a smile on my face this morning! My job is about ultimately making IBMers more happy...(and of course more productive)..which makes me happy too.
  • Just read a few entries in your blog. Yep - that is funny reading, and after voting the fun level I noticed that I have not been alone. Thank you for that.
  • One of the mottos I love by is "Make someone happy each day, even if it is yourself." For my team, every Friday I look for a good joke to send them to make them laugh. Only when someone pinged me late in the day one week when I'd forgotten did I realise that they enjoy it.
  • I think one of the best ways to make people happy is to always treat them the way you would want to be treated. Reaching out to others in their time of need and just "being there" for them is important. I have some family members & friends who are going through difficult times/challenges. I do what I can to help cheer them and keep them moving forward. It makes me feel good to help them out.
  • I find my team lead always tensed due to project critical situations and her personal conditions, I always try to cheer-up with my Jokes, cheerfulness. :)
  • I visited the Happymaking blog. I always want my co-workers and customers to be happy and do what I can to make that happen. And darn it, this badge makes me happy!
  • I met a young woman out of University at the mall who was job searching. She ask me what and where to purchase a suit for interviews. I made some recommendations and we continued to talk about cities to search and I suggested she look at the whole quality of life, don't base a decision on where to live only on the job. I talk to her about life balance and work as one aspect in the big picture of happiness. She was happy I took the time to talk with her and sent me a thank you the next day.
  • Feel happy most of the time since I work from home and get to see more of my kids now. Listening to others and offering suggestions is important in my position. Makes myself and other happy.
  • I went to Happymaking Blog and had a laugh - I then showed my wife so she could have a laugh as well...
  • and more

Friday, December 12, 2008

Playing for a Happy Change

I am sure many of you have seen this nice version of Stand By Me on youtube. Then it kept coming through twitter and facebook so I decided to check what is it all about.

Just visited the and I must say it's pretty impressive what these people try to do and what they have already achieved. The foundation is dedicated to connecting the world through music by providing all the necessary resources to musicians and their communities around the world.

You can see all their projects, concerts they organize, how you can get involved and of course a link to how you can donate. They also have a blog on wordpress but was down today, no idea why.

Hope you'll have the curiosity to check what is it about, if not as philanthropist maybe as musician, parent of future pop stars, friend of musicians who know musicians in poor communities and last but not least as human :-)

PS> to be counted as part of my Christmas happymaking innitiative :-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lessons in being happy proposed

And another report announced :-) on the future generation of HAPPYMAKERS & HAPPYMAKEES. Many thanks to Andy Piper for that :-)

So what's in? Primary school pupils in England should be taught how to lead happy and healthy lives as part of a curriculum overhaul, says a government-commissioned report.The report also says individual subjects should be replaced by six themed "areas of learning"(this could also include using the internet for research, word-processing work and making podcasts.)

The report by former senior Ofsted inspector Sir Jim Rose suggests lessons should be more focused on preparing children for life outside school. His interim report, to be officially published later, says teaching children about emotional well-being and social skills should be a compulsory part of the curriculum.

It says that pupils should have the "personal, social and emotional qualities essential to their health, well-being and life as a responsible citizen in the 21st Century".

Look forward for the full report and the babies learning how to spell POD-CATS? POD- CAST :-)

New Study on Contagious Happiness

Yes, they just released the results of a new study! And I am writing about it especially as it connects to social media and being part of various social networks :-)
You can find the complete study here!

Some excerpts:

New research from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego suggests that happiness is influenced not only by the people you know, but by the people they know.The study showed that happiness spreads through social networks, sort of like a virus, meaning that your happiness could influence the happiness of someone you've never even met. Sadness spreads too, but much less efficiently, says study co-author James H. Fowler, PhD, of the University of California-San Diego.

"We have known for a long time that there is a direct relationship between one person's happiness and another's," Fowler tells WebMD."But this study shows that indirect relationships also affect happiness. We found a statistical relationship not just between your happiness and your friends' happiness, but between your happiness and your friends' friends' friends' happiness."

Happy Friends Make You Happy

They concluded that the happiness of an immediate social contact increased an individual's chances of becoming happy by 15%, Fowler says. The happiness of a second-degree contact, such as the spouse of a friend, increases the likeliness of becoming happy by 10%, and the happiness of a third-degree contact -- or the friend of a friend of a friend -- increases the likelihood of becoming happy by 6%. Having more friends also increased happiness, but having friends who were happy was a much bigger influence on happiness.

Fowler says the findings do not mean you should avoid unhappy people, but that you should make an effort whenever you can to spread happiness."We need to think of happiness as a collective phenomenon," he says. "If I come home in a bad mood, I may be missing an opportunity to make not just my wife and son happy, but their friends."


could say "told u!" :-) :-) :-) so keep happymaking and have a nice week!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The happiest Christmas tree song :-)

Yuppy, the WEIHNACHTSMARKT (Christmas Market) is LIVEEEE! And right under my window. So I had my share last night ;-)): Eierpunsch (egg punch), Schmalzkuchen (small donuts), etc.

Though don't plan to write about Christmas for now but couldn't prevent myself for sharing THE HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS TREE song (from Nat Cole)....maybe cause it contains the word "happiest". So enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Happy Season Begins

First snow in Hannover yesterday (picture from my terrace). A lovely evening! I guess it was even more beautiful as we live in the old city so it was pretty romantic to see the snow falling on the old houses...maybe the hot Glühwein (wine with cinnamon, blueberries & honey) also helped ;-)

As I love Christmas time very very much I already feel pretty happy and I know many of you feel like that also, especially as we are more open, warm, peaceful, generous, friendly and gentle during this time. We'll all try to find the perfect gifts, hope to have a nice time with our families, to find them well when we go home, to see their happy faces when they'll open the gifts, to sing Christmas carols and eat mum's goodies :-)

Well there are still some weeks until Christmas so in between think about the fact that there are still people in need around you who you may want to help, even wanted to do it but never had time. So try planning HOW to bring some happiness for them also. It may be a cliche that people think about charity only around Christmas but I tend to believe that we think MORE about it at this time because we are happier now than during the year. So we do feel that it is even more unfair that others won't have a Christmas dinner, won't get any gifts or even spend the nights on the streets. That's why we try to be more generous at this time. So before buying another toy for your kid, that may land in a corner after one day, just buy a nice blanket and give it to a poor person. I loved it to share things as a kid, so I am sure your kid will feel like that also.

Pretty many thoughts related to happymaking and winter time. Anyway I suppose more posts will come...all related to Christmas, happiness, family, giving and nice and warm feelings :-)

For my friends in Bucharest: don't forget to pay a visit to the orphans in Valea Plopului:-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adding some flavor to your job

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how spending a weekend with my books inspired my work strongly (in my case were books about India and understanding Indian culture better...don't know how I ended up learning Jana Gana Mana...maybe cause Tagore wrote the lyrics)...anyway as I work with Indian colleagues I find this pretty helpful and very interesting.

So my point today: if you want to add some flavor to your job, understand your business better, perform better and finally be pleased with what you learned and also happier then here are some sources to be considered:
  • culture: pick a colleague, see where he's from and learn about his or hers culture. Not only you'll understand him better but you'll also have some topics to discuss (also your interest may honor him and make him happy :-)))))...and you'll be smarter, etc etc
  • what kind of job roles do your colleagues have? Find our more about them. It doesn't have to be a well planned job rotation. Just ask some questions here and there; it should give you a better understanding on processes, on the problems they are facing and how these could impact your work, etc etc. And this may also give you some ideas on how to improve your work or see it from a different perspective (we are not the center of the universe after all :-))
  • check the news and some reports from market intelligence, knowing what the competition does really help in terms of finding ideas and knowing how to fight back
  • if you still look for unique ways on how to solve problems check other industries, other countries, other economies. There are lessons to be learned everywhere! Ideas also!
So don't wait for somebody to tell you what to look for! Just open your eyes (this time not with them closed :-)) and pick something ;-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chief Happiness Officer

So yesterday one of you sent me the link to a Chief Happiness Officer's blog :-). Alex Kjerulf is the world’s leading expert on happiness at work (more help for my cause :-) ). He has long known that happiness at work is the most important factor that contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success.

He is (additional to his CHO position :-) )a speaker, consultant and author, presenting and conducting workshops on happiness at work at businesses and conferences all over the world. His previous clients include companies like Hilton, DaimlerChrysler and IBM (didn't know that :) ...yet)

Alex is the author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5 - How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life and Kick Butt at Work. The book has been extremely well received all over the world. David Maister called it “very, very good” and “extremely well written.” But the praise that Alex appreciates the most came from Anna Farmery, who said that “reading the book makes me happy and gives me faith that we can create great workplaces.”

More you can find on his web page POSITIVESHARING (books recommendation, tips, funny photos and of course contacts in case you plan to have him deliver a short training at your company).

Two thumbs up to Alex!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting my readers

As you can see from my previous posts I was in Berlin last week highly enjoying my team meeting and having fun seeing old friends and getting to know new people (no connection to that but as a quiz: WHO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN BERLIN?...answers as comments are highly welcomed).

So among the new people I met there were two colleagues who actually read my blog :-)), to quote them "that blog on happiness". The first readers I meet in person (except friends, colleagues working in my area etc). And the nicest things were the 2 conclusions we all had:
1. They were like "and I thought: look at her happy life and how mine is passing by". So after seeing that I AM HUMAN (and I do get mad when I end up all wet while trying to go to work and it rains cats and dogs in Hannover) and have my happy moments under 100% of my time they were pretty pleased and motivated to fell better and try to make others feel better also.
2. While motivating why I blog on happiness and NOT social media, global delivery, stocks, branding and other stuff that I like and hopefully I also am good at (though I do some of that internally with my 3 blogs)- we seemed to agree that there are so many good blogs written by specialists that include all the possible things we could come up instead of copying and spreading tones of information I prefer to add some links in the right bar and let you do the search (looking for info makes me feel better...detective Sil :-))).

So yes let's stick to happiness for now.

That was it, pretty exciting and lovely. Many new friends, great food, nice streets and bars, interesting people, impressive museums and lots of you can see

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Lights

I'm in Berlin these days for the Web 2.0 Conference and couldn't miss the lovely colors lighting the famous buildings at night. Everything changes with these lights. It's absolutely beautiful, especially I wasn't really ranking Berlin as the most beautiful Germany city :-) Now I have to rethink this....

So if you have a way through Berlin these days than just take a walk between 7pm-12am. Starting from the Berliner Dom all the way through Unter den Linden. The Festival of Lights is lasting until the 26th of October so if you are around it would be very sad to miss it.

And don't think that there are only few places cause they have illuminated around 50 sightseeing objectives!!!! And because it's so lovely, romantic, colorful, cheering, interesting and delighting I had to put it in the HAPPYMAKING area :-) They really made my evenings here happier;-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your house is a happymakee also

So I am not going to ask you to clean your house now, don't worry :-) I thought many people fell their house look very unhappy and sort of dislike spending time at home, because it looks so unfriendly to them.

Now we all know that a place is what we make out of it and stands for the people who actually live there and give life to any place. But if you are alone and feel like your place looks cold, sad and not fun there are some things you could try:

1. bring color: in paintings, carpets, plates,etc
2. buy a plant: big or small, with lots or flowers or just leaves, it will bring some life into your place
3. bring nice smells: candles (also good as decoration) or fresh flowers
4. don't keep it dark, unless it's night :-). People feel better when exposed to natural light.
5. and last but not least throw away things you don't like, bring back sad memories or you feel like they could be replaced in the next period, don't hesitate :-)

That was it: not expensive, not time consuming and not involving any cleaning action:-)

PS: I guess my plant is already too dry :-((....keep forgetting that it needs water:-(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anticipating happiness

Do we over evaluate happiness? Do we exaggerate in being happy about the future moments when we´ll consider that we´ll be happy? And if so then why? And would this be a bad thing?

Happiness is what we make of it, it´s true. They also say it doesn´t last forever. So as a normal reaction we try to make it last longer: anticipate it, plan it, emphasize it, enjoy it, share it with others, talk about it after its peak is long gone, remember it and the anticipating another happy moment again.

We live by pursuing happiness, bringing it to life and helping it grow, nursing it when it tends to disappear, teaching it how to be more mature. Just like a child happiness gets born and lives in us. So we can consider that it is our responsibility to raise it well. Do we also educate it? Do we teach happiness to make us happy? And if so what do we tell it?

I tell it that I need it, I tell it that it should grow up faster or slow down, that it shouldn't´t go (now I do sound like my mum so happiness must definitely be a child :-)). And then I wait for it to come and visit me just like an old father waiting for his son to come back home. So as an old father I make calls and write letters, plan the visit and cook a warm soup. It´s all there, our anticipation, our willingness to be happy.

I anticipate my boyfriend´s visit, my mum coming in December, me eating something sweet on Sunday, wearing my new boots and the Christmas Market...I anticipate being home for Christmas, making them all happy, sharing gifts, coming back and then going to another place...the spring...the sea in the summer...a cup of hot chocolate in September...a long planned happy life. And even things may not turn out the way we plan, we still plan them, think about new things that could make us happy and finally being happy.

This should be it :-) You´re counting the things that should make you happy in the next month, don´t you?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cultural Festival in Second Life

Ready for some mass happymaking?

Then join me on October 10th at IBM ALMADEN Island in Second Life (location SURL: Together with some colleagues we have prepared a Cultural Festival on Eastern Europe: a Romanian house, beer from Czech Republic, Russian Vodka, artifacts from the country side, music and maybe some kitties :-)

We'll be there 9-6pm CET and expect most visitors around 2pm. Many thanks to Mihail Barbuta who did and does a great job building the objects. Two thumbs up for him!

If you are new to Second Life the make sure you create an avatar in time and pass the tutorial! If not let me know when you log into the world and I'll teleport you :-) The event is open so it will be a chance for you to see what IBM does in the virtual worlds and how we understand COLLABORATION! And...HAVE FUN :-)

My avatar's name is Anthi Arida and you'll recognize my pink polka dress and lovely shoes I bought today ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you happy when others are?

Confronted with a sad situation when I discovered again that someone who I thought it was a dear friend has proven to be ....won't say the opposite, but way too far from a "real friend", I decided that there are still some basic skills one must master in order to be a good happymaker. And is not a skill for the moments when you are supposed to make someone happy, is about when your someone (not necessary a happymakee) is already smiling and "sharing kisses" around.

I'm talking about being happy when someone else is, sharing his/hers joy, felicitating him/her when the case, complimenting him/her if the situation would require it, anyway in no case doing the opposite and ruin the entire happiness and optimism that man or woman may have felt. And I am not talking about feeling jealous although this may be the main source of that, but if you see that someone is really enthusiastic about something, why would kill his joy?

Why would you tell to a totally in love person that there is no true love? Or to someone who is in a very happy relationship that there is no love that will last forever? Or to a person trying to loose weight that she's gonna get fat again in no time? Or to someone who's being promoted that he only got the promotion because it was to expensive to hire someone externally?

I mean if you do that to a happy person, how are you supposed to call yourself a happymaker? After all 1. you can not possibly know that you are right and 2. even if you are is not like you sit in a board meeting and not telling the truth may lead to 1000 people loosing their jobs...

So if you feel like you did something like this or still have the tendency to do that whenever a friend confesses you his happy feelings, think twice. After all there is no change if you make one happy and 3 sad :-(

Nightly night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Videos

How many times didn't you plan to make a short video to amuse your friends? To impress your parents, make a joke, present a project in a cool way, revive a boring PowerPoint presentation or watch your pictures in a more interesting environment. And every time either the technical skills were missing, or the time, or the inspiration :-(

But now I got to know animoto and that made me so happy and love how easy it works...even rendering the video only takes 2 start by choosing the pictures and then you get to choose a background music, even adding special effects or running a remix it's possible. how cool can that be ?! :-)
So here is my first video using animoto...just a sample with some pics I had (took me 3min).

More to come :-) You may be in one also...hi hi hi

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still hungry? Have a happy book!

No, it's not a post about food :-) at least not this time. It's a post about books and how reading can make one forget about the world, forget about bad things, feel free and happy in his or hers own universe. I know parents told us that all the time during our childhood, but guess what, they are right....and even more, books not only allow us to create our own universe, but by recommending a book to someone else, we are part of something bigger: creating someone else's unique world!

It's true, it may not last forever but if the book leaves a strong impression on the person to whom we recommended it, then it's worth trying! It can be a book we love, a book we don't really like but know somebody else who has more in common with our friend loved it, a big book for some weeks or something short to read while sitting in the subway in the evening, a funny book to make us jump and laugh, or a sad and deep one to teach us how to appreciate things with pictures or lots of very very old or still spreading the smell of fresh ink.

I love books, always did, always will! And this time I managed to fill my luggage with them (and Lufthansa even managed not to loose it :-)). Such a great feeling to know that I am escaping with such a lovely treasure, that I'll read my favorite writers in the future evenings...and even try some new ones ;-) I may recommend you some soon, but these ones are in Romanian :-) so maybe next time.

So my point today: share your favorite books! Talk about them! U may not know what others will understand after reading them and how they will appreciate your "not given" advice. Just let your friends borrow a book from your library :-) Be the Paper Happymaker!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hawaiian Happy Cakes

And YES, there are HAPPY CAKES. What a great news for happymakers and happymakees!!! And where could such cakes possibly come from if not from the beautiful HAWAII? I was so thrilled to see that happy cakes actually exist as I planned to post about happy ice cream and couldn't find find a real one.

The happy cakes are Hawaii's oldest and tastiest cakes, as they are being promoted. The Hawaiian Happy Cake's story is an important part of Oahu culinary culture. Founder Dick Rodby grew up surrounded by Central Oahu's pineapple plantations where his family established an eatery near the Schofield Barracks en route to the North Shore. The restaurant at Kemoo Farm became legendary over the years for its great food and local Hawaiian entertainment, and was even depicted in the 1953 film "From Here to Eternity".

In 1967 Dick served the first Happy Cake to his customers and soon calls to Kemoo Farm were coming in from all over the country for Happy Cake...and the demand for that taste of Hawaii has been going strong ever since.

President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were fans of the Happy Cake and would enjoy them with friends at the White House. Over the years we have had the pleasure of taking cake orders from Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Jack Lord, Frank Sinatra and a host of others.

Nowadays you can find it in UK, US, Japan or even in Iraq:

On the eve of celebrating its fortieth birthday, the Happy Cake continues to respect Dick Rodby's tradition of using only the finest fresh local ingredients.

As the locals here in Hawaii say "Still 'Ono' after so long!" (ono = delicious).

Planning to order one? Send one to Hannover also :-) I'll let you know if it made it safely.
Till soon, I'll keep looking for happy food :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And sometimes happymaking hurts also

It's sort of a sad day for my happymaking theory as I got to discover that although I try to make somebody happy and had the feeling that I was even succeeding, I was dealing with a strange person who actually didn't care about my actions, or my thoughts, or about my time invested in making her happy.

I know we must try making others happy by no conditions, no wish for a later "Thank you" or even not even being noticed that we were the ones who made it possible. But yet as human it really hurts when we notice the contrary. Let's not take a love relationship as example cause we suppose in this kind of a relationship there is a both-ways happymaking. But think about you helping a friend and then getting hurt by him....or a colleague at work...who didn't experience that? Moments when you swore you'll never do any good to somebody again. And that's even harder when you had as goal to make somebody really happy. Then the entire action seems to be a complete waste of time and energy.

So if you don't have this immunity when it comes to getting your feelings hurt, then you should probably learn how to deal with this kind of situations. As it also happens to me and I still stand up and try happymaking others again and again (maybe not with the same person if I am too upset), here are some thoughts on how to deal with this "failure":
  • admit it was not your fault and that trying to make others happy it's still a noble act and shouldn't be discontinued just because somebody disappointed you
  • if you could really help the person who hurt you, then try talking about this one more time. After all the result can be more important than how you got to it.
  • if one is bad then it doesn't mean that all people are so. there are still friends, colleagues, family or even strangers out there who really need a smile and your attention
  • and last, try considering this less fortunate situation as a test of your capacity to learn more about people and not to give up on them
And now, smile and go to work ;-) !

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Now I know that you know that I like MANGA...well not the sketches to be precise but the animated cartoons...for those eager to punish me with some corrections :-)
They are a source of continuous/ effervescent/ innocent and unique fun. Started even to learn Japanese for the sake of them, although the Japanese culture became my no1 reason for doing that.

Unfortunately the progress is sort of ...not existing :-) ... as I can only say domo arigato gozaimasu.....biru...regginsu...and some other things :-) Don't tease me with Kanji cause I just can't :-( so if you plan to leave me a comment stick to romanji :-)

To come back to Manga, my favorite are always about teenagers, schools, that happy time in our life. To make a short list with what I would recommend:
  • Fruit Basket
  • Myself Yourself
  • School Rumble
For those of you who care knowing my favorite character is HARIMA Kenji.

And now we come to the point of this post, the new avatar creator, which allows you to make a cool manga of yourself: FACEYOURMANGA.COM
Now of course I tried my best with Harima and not with myself and as I have curly hair, though he could have it too :-)

So here he is ...before and after my remake!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Words- Wordle

Thought I could try the cool wordle today with my own happymaking blog...don't know about you but I get to see this all the time..with CVs, hobbies, food, etc. So here it is:

Just give it a try! It's fun and you can tell a story about yourself in a very different way:-)

Happy Children

Finally in English!

Some of you know of my dear social project with the 220 orphans in VALEA PLOPULUI, Romania. The long expected English version of the web site is finally ON: You can find all the details there: bank account for donation, details about what Prister Tanase has accomplished so far, photos with the kids, how to get there, a.0.

Many thanks for being so patient and waiting for me to finish it (thanks to Waewae&Bog for that :-)).

Again, if you need to contact them by phone do let me know as they can't speak English!

Thanks to those who helped us making them happier and sent money, visited them or sent clothes and food! I suppose that's the real happymaking :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My I happy now :-)

Now that's what a friend from US sent me :

I didn't know I was so popular there :-)
Just kidding! But a great prank to play to your friends...not directly related to happymaking but made me very happy today.

And here is how you can do it. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Measuring the happiness of a nation

A few days ago I got this link from a friend who found a great calculation method in wikipedia. The method relates to my happymaking theory as imagine one could measure the happiness of a country: then we could say if you plan to be happy go to country X, people in Z are not that happy so be increasing the variable V then you could increase their happiness by 77.7%. Now you could say that you agree with that, but we still can't define generally valid criterion for making one happy.

You could say a poor country is a sad country....or that a huge GDP involves plenty of happy people running around and singing in the streets. Well not exactly. Take Germans for example (coming from Eastern Europe we always show sort of an admiration for this country and most of our people would still emigrate here): Germans complain all day long - about prices, low salaries, bad food, traffic jams and so on. Now despite the fact that most of them know that it is indeed worse in other countries maybe just a few hundred miles away, they don't seem to appreciate what they have. So definitely not a happy nation. Take Greeks on the other hand, not a high GDP but lovely people dancing, singing and having fun even they don't know what they will eat next week (maybe too extreme but still true in some cases).

So back to the methods in wiki. They admit the HDI (Human Development Index) is not the correct formula as it is like HDI = 1/3 (life expectancy index) + 1/3 (education index) + 1/3 (GDP index). So a rich lawyer in UK should never commit suicide :-) Totally wrong. Just dive in the mortuary page of a local newspaper.

Then the HLE (Happy Life Expectancy) is presented, by Veenhoven. Now he talks about more societal factors added to those influencing HDI and a longer period for measurement. But can we predict one country's happiness? He exemplifies that Iceland has a happier population then Bulgaria. Unless the people have been asked I don't buy this. You can measure whatever you want but not happiness. It's like agreeing that each individual in one country could be made happy in the same way....and that's not even possible in the same family, where members have more than location, cultural background or eating habits in common(would be interesting if they measured how religion interferes with happiness...I bet they missed that).

So of course I don't have a great end of this story. No magic formula will pop up now to tell you "that's the good one for measuring happiness. So just measure it, pack your bags and go to Brazil. And you'll be 30% happier after finding a house, 50% after getting hired and having some money and 80% after the first 2 years"

Again, just build your own happiness and make it survive no matter where you are!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Happy Fan

I really enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel's show.
Unfortunately it doesn't run in Romania yet...or in Germany so all I get are his youtube videos...which are sooooo cool. Must say it started with Sarah and Matt Damon, then he and Ben Affleck, Miss US....well there are more that I like but these are my favorite (won't add any link here so that you run a search for them :-)). Guess the coolest part is that he actually has only celebs at his shows.

Once I posted a status in Facebook on me liking this and my mentor from work, Chris, told me Jimmy Kimmel's dad works with us cool can this be :-)??!!! So although I didn't trust him on this I wrote an email to this "dad" thinking it won't be the lamest thing I did in my far and asking if he really is his dad and if so then he should be really proud cause he is the funnyest guy in TV at this least for me.

And surprise the dad wrote back...happy and surprised that we watch this from Romania and writing about his very talented family...cause his other son and his daughter are in the entertainment industry also. Yes and he told me to write him if I want a photo with an autograpf from Jimmy....which I soooo wanted.

Two weeks ago Jimmy's assitant wrote me cause she had some questions related to my address and today I finally got the picture...YEYYYYYY!

So here are the precious moments:
1. me geeting the envelope, 2. the envelope, 3. the picture with the autograph :-)

PS: next must be Robbie Williams :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Achieving your childhood dreams

I guess being happy often involves achieving your dreams. And the harder to achieve a dream the greater the joy and satisfaction when seeing it happen. I know from a few sources about this video so I decided to actually spend around 60 minutes and watch it. It worths every minute, every second :-)


The sad part is that Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, had terminal cancer and was fortunate enough to share his learnings in this final lecture, that we get to watch. Sadly he recently passed on at 47.

He talked about the challenges through his career “some brick walls are made of flesh” and his journey to lead forth virtual reality, educating others, and achieving his childhood dreams, a master storyteller.

So think for a moment if you did have any dreams, big dreams, small dreams, great ideas. Did you manage to achieve them? If not, why not? What did you learn from this? I personally learned that the point is not NOT to settle big dreams so that you won't get disappointed as most people say...FALSE. Have huge dreams! Wish to achieve what nobody else did! But don't exaggerate with HOW you do that....after all you don't have to go to Tokio to eat exquisite sushi, don't have to marry a model to have the most beautiful wife in the world or to be best paid people in the world to be appreciated by your colleagues. It's all up to you :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Inspired by the fact that I'll be 25 years old starting this Saturday :-) :-) :-), I was thinking it would be nice to share some thoughts on our BIRTHDAYS.

So many of my friends don't like celebrating their birthday, and it's not because they don't like celebrating various stuff like getting a raise, eating sushi for the first time or their puppy's first pooh outside the house, but it's just because this time they have to celebrate THEIR BIRTHDAY....what an awful thing: the day when you were born, when you met your mama for the first time, when all your family and friends call to see how you are doing (some of them even send gifts :-) ), when some people even try to throw a surprise party for you or try to make you have the best day ever...they even do the ultimate sacrifice and SING for you to wish you happy how could you not appreciate this?

but yet some get angry, keep their bdays secret and what's even more sad, they cry when realizing another year is gone (that only applies to my girlfriends...didn't see any boys crying for this until now) and I could go on like this forever.

Now I on the other side I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY...2nd of August, nicest day in the year....I feel like it's that day of the year made only for ME (although I would gladly share it with people born at the same date :-) ). And in order to make this day a happy one for more of my friends or colleagues we even had a huge calender at work marking all nobody could "escape" :-).

So before giving you my address to ship some allow me to sincerely congratulate some Augusteers :-)
- MO (Dana :-)) my classmate from highshool -1st of August
- Chris (my Mentor) - 3rd of August

generously sharing a slice of Bogdan's cake for his birthday :-)

**learning how to make someone happy

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend? A call for family happymaking

Tomorrow is Saturday. The day we all consider as the most expected day of the week (except for some people who I don't know why already dream about coming back to work on Monday...maybe they have no food at home and miss the cafeteria :-)).

Now, no, I won't fly home for the weekend although I would if I could :-) but I have my father visiting me and since during the week I am not too much of entertainment for him I plan to make up for it this weekend. So in case you want to take my example and do some "family happymaking" here are some activities:
- a nice, long, healthy breakfast
- shopping for groceries..... can't wait to buy some pineapple tomorrow :-)
- checking the flee market
- cooking still in progress
- some relaxing activities...maybe even taking a nap (as daddy gets tired pretty fast :-(()
- a walk in the park...or in the dark forest of Hannover :-)
- choosing and watching a nice movie...although daddy doesn't understand German and they always play very lame movies on Saturday...So still considering the alternatives, maybe there is some concert downtown.... meaning on my street :-))

Please accept my apologies if that's not too exciting for you but if you would know me then you'll know that's how I usually spend my time: family, sports, things around the house, some creative activity (no piano, no paintings here though) and trips. Anyway perfect for a dad-daughter day :-)

So if you don't have any great plans or just started to miss your family by reading this then try catching up with them. After all parents are the one who love us most and deserve our best attention. Sounds old fashioned but it's true so go make them happy:-)

Greetings to your mums from my side ;-)

**preaching how to make someone happy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music can make you happy....or not :-)

Yes, music can make one happy. Scientifically proven by doctors and musicians....except when it comes for animals :-) - they say there is no proof yet that dogs or birds sing when they are happy or feel loved...they may just do that cause they want to. Now I feel cheated by my ex birdie :-(

So what exactly does make us sad when it comes about music? In my case it would be some hard rock or any kind of music played at 3am in the restaurant under my apartment :-) But there seems to be more...

And now I am proud to present the new musical enemy in our life...and no, it's not the volume some teenagers enjoy listening music to in the is a GERMAN finding :-) der OHRWORM.

So the bad ear worm is not a worm climbing into your ear in the night :-) but a very evil song that sticks into our memory and keeps "itching" our brain, as the scientist nicely explain in the above mentioned article. It
typically has a high, upbeat melody and repetitive lyrics that verge between catchy and annoying. Sounds familiar? Like Macarena song or...god there are so so so many.... even the "Titanic" song - which doesn't have an upbeat melody...but still annoying:-)

So scientist have studied this...there are also lists in place with most encountered ear worms :-) although no 1 is represented by "OTHERS" as it seems that despite the fact that many people admit that certain songs are very annoying we do tend to get upset on particular melodies...especially if we start disliking the singer and his or hers Umbrella...ella...ella...ella :-)

Now as for almost all "diseases" there is a cure for this, otherwise some people would earn significantly less: so US doctors prescribe their beloved Prozac :-), others advise you to get another ear worm to kill the current one and keep doing this until you pass away :-)

So my dear happy readers be aware of your passion for music so that the evil worm doesn't get you :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why does a Happymakee get happy?

I have identified 3 reasons why a happymakee actually gets to be happier:
1. he WANTS to be happier
2. there is ANOTHER person (Happymaker) who's goal is to make him happy. so knowing that he's part of such an experiment makes him feel honored and spoiled :-)
3. he has a HAPPYMAKER at his "disposal" who is there ONLY for him and does HIS BEST to make him happy (this doesn't mean that you have to become a slave for him :-)...unless he's your boss...kidding)

All these assuming that we are dealing with a normal happymakee like we have defined in an earlier post and we don't have a subject who enjoys his misery and never wants to get out of it:-)

If you still fail on making him happy then read the words in bold. you'll realize your happymakee actually wants to have another happymaker and doesn't like you :-)...funny, funny

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Merit Badge for being happy

Just launched a merit badge for the colleagues who consider themselves recognition worthy :-). So as a rule they must find a peer and make him/her happy. Not very hard or?

After getting this merit badge they can add it to our internal social network profile (sort of a internal facebook), to out internal blogs, signature, etc. So it's a pretty cool sign showing that you are HAPPY and try making others happy.

And of course they had to read this blog...otherwise how would they know what a HAPPYMAKEE is ? :-)

MY POINT: there are always enough people you can make happy! Even at work...Didn't think that they are human? Thought so :-) So do try :-)

here is the badge: you=big happy smiley & your happymakees= small cute smileys

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Happy Second Life

I don't live a second life as a serial murder and I'm also no LOST star as I am wishing sometimes (sitting all day long on the beach and solving masteries with John Locke-by the way waiting for season 5 :-)). This is a post related to my positive experience with virtual worlds starting with Active Worlds and Second Life.

Now I'm not going to explain to you how virtual worlds work and who actually gets the Linden dollars you may invest in fancy dresses for your avatars (animated YOU= Avatar). It's enough to go to their home page, download the application and test it. Once you finish the tutorial you can even have you need somebody to teleport you :-)

So I started with Second Life for some reasons:
-first of all as an ex high-school gamer I was intrigued and willing to "play" something (yes, Lara Croft rules :-)))))
- as Economist I was pretty interested to see why does everybody buy land there and how do companies promote themselves in virtual worlds
- third, I had some events at work and once discovering the islands we had I was fascinated about what my company actually does there. Great ever, if I may say :-)....I may :-)

After actually getting there I made friends from work who do that all the time. They even get paid for this...cause we have like people who run live shows (Boris In Worderland) in SL, or events managers for SL, developers, hostesses, etc etc etc. And then there are peers having fun during lunches or boring meetings in many kind of people all going there for different reasons (recruiting events, Wimblendon, team events, customer visits, etc), at different times...well mostly US time.

Now despite that IT'S NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING it's pretty cool to sit at your desk in a rainy day (like the most days here in Germany) and eat an ice cream (rainbow rocket is my favorite) on a lovely Island in SL while attending a meeting with managers dressed as crazy scientists, Gothic dolls or raccoons. Less formal , less stressful and MORE FUN. And of course you can actually get to hang around with colleagues from all over the world who will physically meet you for a coffee in like ...10000 years :-)

So I suggest you to work your social skills in other worlds also...don't ask you to drop your life here and move there but to experiment SL. See if you'll have fun with it. Check its features and try finding your friends. And maybe someday you'll have a brilliant idea involving SL and get promoted for it :-)

See you there, Silvia= Anthi Arida.
(Here I am playing some African drums at my assignees community-ASCOM party).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What makes women happy? - COOKING :-)

Yesterday I bake bread for the first time...not because it's difficult but because I don't eat bread (don't make me explain why). And since finding bread without salt in it seems to be an impossible mission in Germany, I thought I should help my father providing him with some "FOOD solution"... cause he'll be here for about 7 weeks and finds it hard to imagine he won't eat any bread ;-)

So we bought the ingredients, played with flower, watched out lovely bread growing, placed it in the oven and were very proud about the lovely result: 6 small breads...smelling divine :-) We have even decided to open the windows to let the tasty aroma run free in the neighborhood. And next time we'll definitely going to add some seeds or herbs...still 6 bread sessions to much fun :-)

Now I enjoy cooking a lot, watch cooking shows, have favorite chefs and imagine what goodies I could prepare during the weekends (cause this bad employee status prevents me from doing it in the evenings ^..^) . It gives you chance to be creative, research for recipes, learn new things about ingredients, mixing them ... side-effects :-)....timing and of course involves some physical effort also (you should have seen me with the bread).

So start with something simple, enjoy the result of your work and practice it. You can even save some money cause you won't need to visit the restaurant across the street every evening:-)

Of course the fun doubles when you cook with/for somebody else. But if you are alone and can't find a person to cook for I can provide you with some ideas for challenging recipes :-)

Here is a picture with our Eastern steak :-) ...still raw. It seems too late to take a photo of my breads.
Bubi, please excuse me for disappointing you and not using the S word :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Karaoke

now Karaoke makes us all smile, laugh, cry, count the minutes, drink, cheer, act silly and why not after all be STARS. So it fits into my happymaking spectrum.

To show you how good some people can get I present you the Masters, so just watch, learn and try to do as the bests do: Tetsu and Tomo.

If you are more into chicks karaoke here there are....Asya's best :-)

We had our fun with this video almost one year ago but hope they are still catchy. Anyway please notice that Karaoke involves physical start training :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Habits of happiness

Now this is not a post in the true sense but wanted to share a very nice presentation with you.
Sometimes called the "happiest man in the world," Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk, author and photographer. He will try to define what happiness is, and how can we all get some. Biochemist turned Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard says we can train our minds in habits of well-being, to generate a true sense of serenity and fulfillment.

see presentation here >

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

happy trip

Went home last weekend and for the first time they lost my luggage. In order to avoid getting upset for this kind of happenings I have prepared a list of tips for happily taking a flight :-)
1. secure your luggage with a lock...a big one :-)
2. don't put the key in another luggage that you may loose...this would be really stupid but yet not impossible
3. put your name and contact data on your idea how this can prevent you from losing it but it makes the people from the airline happier :-)
4. don't put "precious" objects in your luggage .... the smaller the loss the better :-))). In top 3 of things that disappear from your luggage are perfumes, cameras other electronics.
5. don't bother checking in, boarding or getting out first :-)....after all the plane does not leave until all passengers are in. unless you are somewhere shopping at the duty free and don't want to fly further.
6. be nice to airport staff don't want to get delayed and loose your flight. They are also very creative...They asked me once : why am I flying to Germany, where do I work, what do I do there and who is my boss :-)))
7. don't make any jokes...planned or not :-) (this includes reading books named "How to survive to an airplane crash", "Building your own bomb", etc). I suppose watching LOST would be safe if they know the route does not cross an ocean :-)
8. be patient...don't think about what you could do while taking the flight but how much time you save by not driving. If you can calm down there are free drinks on board that could slightly help :-)
9. something that really pisses me off. If you can't off board earlier why not waiting with your seat belt on? I can understand some need to check their messages and turn on their phones or call their partners and mention how cool and busy they are cause they have just landed in X. So if you don't get that you CAN'T teleport yourself outside the plane earlier, then just do it for the kids :-)))
10. don't underestimate the airline...if you do loose something do as requested...file a complaint, etc. You may get lucky, find a very friendly airline and get your money reimbursed or receive a very nice replacement.

Take care!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Games- Team Games

With EM news everywhere couldn't prevent myself from posting something on this :-) ..and it's not football. It's about team games. Seeing supporters celebrating and getting drunk every night under my window (advantages of having restaurants and bars in the neighborhood :-) )may be the reason why I consider this a happymaking worthy topic.

But to start with the beginning:
- I went to swimming pool - very nice, very fast but not a very fun thing
- tried to go for a run although I suck at running...never could, never will...but now and then I speed up for 100m and consider it done :-) (made it through high school without having to run the 800m by playing basketball with the boys ) . Again no fun...a good feeling, relaxing, but no fun.
- and gym is no fun at all...just if you see other chicks doing here is the fun :-)...but yet if alone I only feel proud on doing my best to stay healthy.

So I realized that I really miss playing in the school yard or around the blocks. Like I did until I went to college :-( Even if the boys played with me cause I had a ball or were just missing a team member it always felt good....very good. And you also get the chance to put more effort in it by playing for more than 45 minutes (max amount of time I spend with any sport when I'm alone). And they don't even need to be your friends or people you know...cause this would really increase the fun (except when my boyfriend made a window collapse over my head :-)---sorry B this will hunt you forever :-)). So assuming you have no friends around, like in the case of my lovely exile, where is one supposed to find a team to play with? Company's club is excluded- only people over 50 years of age are in this location :-) Guess I'll try at the in progress :-)

Now I'm no longer sure you see the point of this entry...cause it may be obvious that the more the better and the funnier case you're not feeling like this but notice your results with jogging by yourself don't involve loosing any weight or keeping you fit then you may want to switch to a "funnier" game :-) .

And GOOOO Portugal! couldn't miss the opportunity of saying that...although Brazil will always be my NO 1....sadly they are not EM participants :-)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Mother

and yet not me :-) . I am currently flying my family to Germany, one at a it was my mother's turn...for the last three weeks. And she is very very very happy :-) Didn't expect such success on this family happymaking as she doesn't speak German and I was afraid she'll get bored in less than one week. But no, she is enjoying this city as much as I am, especially checking each street, store, grocery, park and coffee shop. She loves them all....and exploring the Altstadt is her favorite day time job.

I would mention here seven things she liked most (except being with me of course):
  • visiting Hamburg especially the harbor and the Alster
  • visiting Bremen - we stayed 2 hours in Schnoor :-) and going to Starbucks for the first time
  • going to the Zoo (Germany's most beautiful I think),
  • having cocktails during the Caribbean nights at Celone (a nice place across the street-they organize this each Thursday) and attending the salsa & merengue lessons they organized,
  • drinking Smoothie Champagne (champagne+ smoothie :-) clever explanation)
  • eating Leberkäse & Spargel - as she loves meat :-)
  • and of course shopping ...on me :-)
I'm not sure what you'll learn from this....maybe to spoil your parents now and then, involve them more in your life and cherish each moment while you still have them around.
Anyway looking forward to having my father here :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 10 -Happymaking Food

So guys/girls :-) here is the food some say you must eat in order to be happy. I eat only few of these but yes, fibers make you happy :-) - Corina, this one is for you :-)

1. Wild salmon (rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin D)

2. Spinach - (rich in folic acid and soluble fiber)

3. Skim milk - (rich in Vitamin D and B12)

4. Ground flaxseeds (rich soluble fiber, omega 3 fats and folic acid)

5. Blackberries (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)

6. Omega 3 fortified eggs - (rich in omega 3 fats, Vitamin D and B12)

7. Sardines ( rich in omega 3 fats and Vitamin D)

8. Soybeans - (rich in soluble fiber, folic acid and omega 3 fats)

9. Beans (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)

10. Brussels sprouts (soluble fiber and folic acid)

11. Sunflower seeds - (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy location, happy people, happymaking

Since I moved to Germany I am considerably happier, more relaxed and enjoying even the mornings when I have to go to work:-). I noticed it's because of the beautiful location I am living, in the heart of Hannover - Altstadt. Seeing these beautiful buildings and people laughing and playing music in the small cafes makes me smile back, go upstairs and open the windows so that I can hear them more and more until late in the night. Far away from the stressed people running like crazy to catch a tram, looking through you when they meet you or discussing alone about work related issues...that's the place where I live nowadays... happy Italians discovering German beer, French people arguing about prices and romantic couples walking hand in hand.

Wouldn't you be happy to see this when you walk away from home? To meet these people late in the evening when you come back from work? And just put a shirt on and join them?

Now that's something that would make each one happy....happy building, happy surroundings, happy people, happymaking :-)

PS: rent costs more but after all it's not me who is paying for it :-)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Told you I moved to Germany and there way I landed here it was not a single case. There are plenty of co-workers who are now located worldwide and although media calls them EXPATS or ASSIGNEES, I prefer to call them "lonely hearts" (even if they are accompanied) :-).
So because we have so many "lonely hearts" in our company and cause some of them keep asking various administrative questions or want to connect with other assignees who may be living in the same city with them we've created the assignees community - ASCOM....brilliant name don't you think? lol

This way I try to entertain them all with infos about living in various countries, how to deal with their medical insurance, let them know who is located where, etc. All these through wiki, blog and of course emails. We are also planning some Second Life parties- the only way for us to hang around with colleagues from China, India, US or France at the same time.

So the point was of course happymaking related (I will let you know the results - till now they are all excited) and a chance for you to get an idea of what you could also do inside of your own company.

At the end we all have employees spread around the globe who need to know we care for them. So do make them happy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Defining Off-shoring Process

Now I moved to Germany so I am facing the following dilemma: if I am here and my friends remained in Romania, should Happymaking be defined as an off shoring process? Cause I can only have sessions with them from for them I would be a resource no longer available in the country...but on the German "shore".

Now, if off shoring brings some financial advantages such as cutting some costs and risk mitigation then what are my colleagues getting?

I would say presents... once in a while...based on accurate wish lists (until now only one is accurate- Pufa, the others please confirm :-)))) , then a more intense happymaking session, outside of the office, allowing the colleagues to have access to alcohol and other forbidden items such as candies, chocolate and fat (office happymaking allows only fruits and vegetables), hugs...hugs are hugs no happiness :-)...and a long goodbye sms.

While off shore spending your free time on Yahoo Messenger and Skype represents a real asset.
Use plenty emoticons, make jokes, make them feel part of your life by sharing nice pictures of your home, pet, market, pet again and again pet..... and of course give some good advices if not to sleepy, sad or hungry.

So if we cover both the home country and work country "happymaking-load" we should reach an average of 80% HOI (Happy Off-shoring Interest) that can compensate recession days when you are on medical leave or in vacation.

Hope it helps!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happymaking for those in need - 200 orphans

I post in the last 2 months. Just moved to Germany. Anyway I have some new material for you so here we go. First of all I would like to present you a social project we have in Romania. There are around 200 orphans, hosted and raised by Father Tanase, in a village called VALEA PLOPULUI (around 150 km away from Bucharest). They could use some happymaking also. So these children (from one year to 14 years old) live there, go to school in the village and now and then some people visit them in order to bring them food, toys, clothing, etc. We went there a few times, played with them, brought them things for Eastern, books for school, dressed myself in Santa (not the most brilliant idea as you can see in the photo). I hope we can convince more of our friends and colleagues to do that this year.

I am adding here a fresh web site
I hope I can manage to translate it into English in the next days but you can still see the CONTACT and find out how to get there, BANK Accounts or nice pictures with the children.
Also YOUTUBE movies to the project are uploaded there and they are in English.

So let me know if you are willing to join me in helping these kids (, need more details or plan to make a trip there.