Monday, November 5, 2007

On my happymaking theory :-)

First of all my apologize for naming this blog happymaking4u instead of happymaking. It seems that a very evil creature decided to use this lovely word that gives a name to my theory for other more evil purposes :-)

I started this blog wishing to share my happymaking idea with some of you so that you can share it with others or make it your own rule of life. Without being hypocrite I could say that we should live our life trying to make people happy, and not just our families or friends, but also people you would never think about helping, people whom you consider as not needing help or not being in your area of "help readiness".

Before starting a conflict on how much I really help others I will go into letting you know that this so called help could also be a moment we share with others trying to make them happy, trying to make them forget why they were sad, even offering them your advice. So it's not necessary that we solve the people's misery and save the world...we must only try to give others a second of our life, to let them know that we care.

How did this start? Simple.
Trying to cheer up a colleague from work and not having a very good timing in finding ourselves the availability for talking about the things that disturb us. So we decided to schedule a meeting, to pencil in a time, to book a meeting room and to send an invitation. Not knowing how I should name the invitation I thought about "happymaking" so that the title itself was supposed to cheer her up.
I have also added a funny picture and we were good to go.

After 15 min telling me why she was unhappy with her job and personal life we decided it would be nice to have another week, 15 min, another funny photo, another update on her problems. What made her happy were not my solving skills to her problems, as I don't like playing as a psychiatrist and I am also mocking people who do that, but it was the fact that she could share all the stuff with somebody who wanted to hear her....of course the funny pictures helped much.

So we had a regular happymaking session, we also motivated our absence from the office as having an important happymaking meeting :-) People started being curious about what we were doing and when they did find out, they asked for scheduling similar meetings also. Now don't imagine I started doing this with everybody, but some of them shared this nice experience.

One of them was also my boss....a boss requires by definition a longer happymaking as he has, by definition, more problems than the other regular employees :-) So happymaking turned into trips during the weekend.

I think I will stop for now and let you share your opinion on happymaking or even on making others happy if you think that my theory sucks. Despite your thoughts I'll keep pursuing this idea of happymaking and during our next conversations I'll give some more examples on how all this really began a few years ago, when a lovely person told me that my mission in life is to make others happy.


Alex said...

This is a unique theory and I think it works very good in large corporations where the employees are not so happy with their everyday chores.
I will employ this theory at my work place because I believe that there is never enough happiness.
Keep this up and add more posts on how you implement this theory of yours.
Take care! Alex

ELa said...

I'm happy that you created a blog about sharing happiness. People need to feel listened to, cared for..., and we can help each other in this. I'm offering the role of Happymaker :) Ela

Silvia said...

nice Ela :-)
Let me know if you are making any progress.Hope you'll have some happymakees soon.

Sternengucker said...

Just came by to say hello and earn my happymaking badge. :-)