Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Basic Rules for Happymaking

The person leading the happymaking session shall be called HAPPYMAKER. The subject shall be named HAPPYMAKEE(not to be spelled monkey)!

  1. Choose a mental healthy person (otherwise it won't work)
  2. Don't wait for that person to come to you-> Attack!
  3. Don't start laughing at other's idiotic problems
  4. Be patient on learning why your Happymakee innocent is and why all the problems he has are usually ruled by providence.
  5. Don't forget to a smiling Happymaker
  6. Don't let yourself touched by negative energy
  7. Try showing the positive side in all presented problems
  8. Convince the Happymakee that you are really there to help (this rule is more successful if you respect rule no 1)
  9. Tell your honest opinion only if it helps, otherwise stick to an objective one
  10. Make this sessions on a regular basis (rule no 2 applies in case of each session)

Good luck!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want to be a happymakee to. Keep this up. :)